Take Names


25. Jun. 2009, 4:03

Sat 13 Jun – Gary War, Dana, Anamanaguchi, Dan Friel, Pink Skull, Sisters, Drunkdriver, Silk Flowers, dinowalrus, Boogie Boarder, Talk Normal, Golden cities, Say No To Architecture
10 Bands or so played at this night, so unfortunately I'll try to remember as many as I can. Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to heed the advice of "DON'T STOP THE MUSIC". As soon as one went in the back room, in the main room another was setting up. Then the back one would start up after the main room finished. It was absolutely amazing yet exhausting.
Dana started out with electronic noodling. Throughout his extremely short set, it stayed overwhelming cheerful and positive. Not bad stuff, and he was even nice enough to hand out his homemade tapes after. Unfortunately most people hadn't arrived yet.
Golden Cities came out and were fantastic. Unfortunately, they didn't fit in with the hyper-active music that surrounded them. Now had Experimental Aircraft also been there, perhaps there might have been a bridge from them to someone else. They played thick, dense, slow music that filled the whole area, which was filled with 20-25 people max. Plus, even the singer was good, and I usually dislike the singers with a passion. Sadly, most people tuned out and instead walked over to see Say No To Architecture, who began during their set.

Actually, this Architecture fellow played some enjoyable poppy music. Think of jangly 80s pop, complete with hummable melodies and bouncy percussion. And he did this all by himself, using those looping pedals. A very raw setup, with guitar and various percussion. Really nice to see someone so talented taking usually experimental means to produce such ear-candy pop.

Pink Skull let me want for nothing. Everything anyone could ever want, several drums, cowbell, keyboard, bass, additional percussion just because. It was a massive dance machine, well-oiled and everything. I stood in awe of their prowess. One of the few things that infected the entire audience, and forced them to dance.

Drunkdriver came next, and forced a different dance, that of moshing attempts. Honestly, they were alright. Nothing truly exceptional, plus the lack of vocals (due to microphone problems) made it slightly less enjoyable. Sometimes they got really good, but most of the time they sort of stumbled around musically.

Anamanaguchi played fast paced 8-bit music with drums and guitars as backup. Extremely catchy, think Dat Politics played even faster. Plus, the visuals were quite a nice touch.

Dinowalrus is getting a lot of attention, and I should probably like them. But I don't. I honestly did not care about their performance at all. It was draining to stand there and be subjected to such boring music. I almost left at this point, that's how completely uninteresting they were to me. I can't even remember what they sounded like, besides a distillation of all the cliques of indie rock. Perhaps they are getting warmed up and will one day earn my respect. But not today. No.

I thank my patience for letting me stay however. Dan Friel restored my faith in all that is good with skronky electronics. In his lap was half a suitcase filled with Christmas lights, but, more importantly, filled with awesome. Every melody got re-arranged using a myriad amount of distortion pedals also within the suitcase, and various fades, pitch shifts. All using an obviously crappy keyboard, thus proving to others that equipment doesn't matter as much as the knowledge on how to use it. Bright, cheerful happy music that I was absolutely pleased with. He was the highlight of the night, and I stood right in front in him, attempting to look like I was dancing, and of course failing miserably. Plus he writes for the Onion and is in Parts and Labor so he's basically awesome all around.

After him the music didn't sound as good. Basically it is rare to see someone so good at what they do, especially musically speaking. Talk Normal had a pretty strange approach to music, but again didn't reach the earlier highs of the night.

Silk Flowers had a pretty faithful sound, of dark 80s dance. It was actually quite nice, and reminded me of early Legendary Pink Dots more lo-fi material. More atmosphere than actual melody, nonetheless, I'd really like it if they could release more than just a 7". Their intense focus was rewarding.

Boogie Boarder played lo-fi surf, and ended up having an even better concert a week later at Shea Stadium. In this venue, they did quite well, but might have been a bit too much energy so late on in the evening. Their later Shea Stadium appearance had more space to freak out in, and their additional of a vocalist really added to the stage presence.

Gary War came on last, and ended off things with a nice touch. Sisters put on a good performance as well, though I can't exactly pinpoint when in the night they played. Overall, good concert, although I could have used a bit more breathing time in between sets.


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