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  • papermassacre

    me too, j-rock are so powerfull <3 japanese bands revolutionized my life :'D yeah, now are ~voice mail~ it makes it much easier and i can hear more than once, to be sure of the answer, before you do anything silly lol. Unfortunately, live close to other family members is horrible... because my cousins often gather here because they love my sister and they make a mess ;A; but i always kicked them to play in the street because i can't stand mess, and children... haha. I wish could be one of his students hoho because is the only way for me to ~love~ calculations, because i really hate math, chemistry and physics ;A; Yeah, i love beatles and when i was a beatlemaniac, i always wanted born in the 40s and pass the youth in the 60s to enjoy them. But now I am a person more resigned to the year I was born, although not enjoying it </3

    vor 4 Stunden Antworten
  • papermassacre

    thank you <3 you're right, and it can't bring us down, we have our dreams *3* i rarely get calls, but always go out with my cell, to listen to music sometimes and now that i deleted the whatsapp, i have few notifications :3 lol it happens sometimes, but with my cousin because she lives next door. Yeah, haha would be great, and with really hot water! I think the voice of Klaha and Seth a little different than the Juka and Gackt, and as i hear them for a long time is easy to differentiate, but at first was a mess lmao. I can differentiate until the "meow" of my cats <3 I read somewhere that Klaha is currently algebra teacher, but idk if it's true D: me too, i wish i could have seen Hide :/ born in 1997 enjoying older bands is very frustrating /sigh

    Gestern um 18:23 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    Actually he was just a musician in the army's band but sometimes he had to act like a soldier, here being in the army is not a big deal since there aren't any confflicts or wars. My uncles were also there, his brother for example went on a mission to Europe as a soldier. Ahh i guess it's because no band comes here ;; i've never been to a there are not many opportunities for the future. Everybody says it's a country of old people and it's true, it's kinda boring...for example, there aren't many jrock/vkei fans here. Really sad (´;д;`) I know! I was actually planning to go like two years ago with my sis but then she got problems with her studies and we couldn't go...uh, maybe in some years i could try to go~ I'm in second grade of highschool~ I will be 17 this year, that's nice and at the same time kinda scary...i dunno if i want to be an adult .3.

    27. Feb., 16:57 Antworten
  • papermassacre

    i was feeling lonely tbh i'm still feeling like this, and bored also, as a result of all this i get sad. i need to get out and socialize but i'm very discouraged x_x same here, sometimes i want to throw my computer and my cell phone against the wall lol but i can't live without them... omfg i would miss shower too </3 i saw on TV, the bath of the people camping out in cold mountains are wet towels/baby wipes idk lmao. Yeah, sometimes, but the most of the times i order burgers *3* huh seriously? i've never thought that, but my friend said that Juka's voice sounds like Gackt's voice :3

    26. Feb., 16:59 Antworten
  • papermassacre

    hey sweetie, sorry for delay, i was kinda upset but now i'm fine <3 I wish I could camp in a moutain one day, spend a few days out of civilization and be surrounded by nature and have peace *sigh* would be great. lmao i wish that too, sometimes i say "if i get rich i'll have a fast food indoors" hehe. Aw thank you so much <3 yeah i can't explain, but Seth's voice hypnotizes me

    25. Feb., 19:03 Antworten
  • ryvtaro

    I'd definitely like to live in Oregon again someday, yeah. To be honest, I miss home a lot, haha. Hopefully I can at least visit my family and friends there sometime this year! It's also a lot easier to be friendly to people than it is to be rude to them, right? I feel like it takes a lot of effort to be mean to someone.

    24. Feb., 20:08 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    Ohh, i see. I should ask my dad to teach me because he's a really good swimmer since he was on the army. Thanks! Actually i really want to travel around the world, you know i don't like my country very much but i find other cultures really beautiful~ Plus i don't like staying in the same place for a long time, it gets boring...i hope to have enough money to make my dreams come true hehe ^^" May i ask, you're just in highschool, ne? We have almost similar ages

    24. Feb., 13:52 Antworten
  • MyCodeNamesJuni

    [2] nie wiem jeszcze czy pójdę na te koncerty w maju, jeszcze się zastanawiam. obliczałam sobie ostatnio koszty pójścia na oba (wliczając dojazdy, bilety i merch), i wyszło mi jakieś 500-600 zeta... trochę dużo. może się wybiorę na MUCC tylko, bo na Diru mi aż tak nie zależy. zresztą na MUCC też mi jakoś bardzo wielce nie zależy. może lepiej zbierać kasę aż przyjedzie coś na co bym chętniej poszła :3

    24. Feb., 10:46 Antworten
  • MyCodeNamesJuni

    [1] nieee, laseczki raczej nie (chyba że jakieś pojedyncze piosenki). wolę boysbandy :3 KAT-TUN, Arashi, w-inds, V6, itp. itd... XD ale najbardziej lubię AAA, a to jest akurat mieszana grupa, 5 chłopaków i 2 dziewczyny ^^ poza tym lubię stary j-pop z lat 70-80-90-tych, głównie solowych artystów, kobitki też :) Kyary jakoś do mnie nie przemawia, sorki :) w ogóle nie wiem jak grają te nowe kapele visual kei/oshare kei bo cały czas siedzę w starszych rzeczach albo przynajmniej dawniej założonych zespołach :P no, będę Cię namawiać na BUCK-TICK do skutku! uwielbiam takie długo działające zespoły, tyle dyskografii do obczajania <3

    24. Feb., 10:46 Antworten
  • ryvtaro

    I was born and raised in Oregon. idk if you're familiar with it at all, but there's a lot of pretty nature in Oregon. California doesn't seem to have that so much that I've seen. Friendly people are always the best though. I can't understand why someone would be rude to anyone, haha.

    24. Feb., 6:33 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    I like swimming but i'm not so good at it ^^" i used to take classes but people there annoyed me so i didn't go anymore lol. I don't like sunbathing either, especially because i tan very easily. I don't know, i always loved european countries and i had some "special connection" with Poland because i used to date someone from there lol, the thing is that i never paid much attention to the country but when i searched about it and saw how beautiful it was i was impressed. I really want to visit it, as well as most of european countries...i have lots of friends in Europe~

    23. Feb., 22:59 Antworten
  • papermassacre

    Whenever i travel by car i see beautiful scenery, because the road is at the top and in the state where i live there are many waterfalls too, i only went once, but it was very cold so i just photographed and enjoyed the scenery </3 i prefer mountains and you? thankfully haha i love fast foods also but when they deliver to my home i love even more hehe. sometimes i just want to delete my instagram because i'm not satisfied lol I love Juka but... Seth's voice captivated me even more <333333

    21. Feb., 19:31 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    Ah, i understand! Cold temperatures in Poland are kinda extreme, well, at least for me since i live in a very tempered country, not too cold or hot~ it's perfect. Summer was reaaally hot though, i spent most of the days on the pool ^^" I like summer, but i prefer winter~ i guess it's because i have more winter clothes than summer ones lol. I bet it's a wonderful city, Poland is really beautiful!

    21. Feb., 17:20 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    Reaaally? Woha, that's just too nice! My summer holidays are about to end (in two weeks) so i'm trying to enjoy the last days of freedom hehe~ In which city are you right now?

    21. Feb., 16:14 Antworten
  • karatte

    thx for the add and the shout :D I'm fine :)

    21. Feb., 13:12 Antworten
  • ryvtaro

    Oh, I'm glad that you passed, then! I guess the main reason I came to California is because my fiancee wanted to be closer to her family, but thankfully I ended up liking it here a lot. But, yeah! I've never been out of America before, so I'm curious in general about what living in Poland is like. c:

    21. Feb., 0:13 Antworten
  • ChaosScope

    I just copied and pasted the album your said, but I knew which one you were talking about.... :D I use to be really big into Moi dix Mois years ago. The last time I listened to them they just came out with Beyond the Gate; so yea, it was that long ago. :P I now have the albums for llll-Ligro downloaded and plan on listening to them. Looking forward to it.

    20. Feb., 1:35 Antworten
  • mirai_hime

    You're welcome I (✿◠‿◠) loved your music taste so i felt like adding you! I'm alright, what about you?

    19. Feb., 20:18 Antworten
  • papermassacre

    i'd, but the Amazon forest is far away and the Atlantic Forest also because it is more on the coast, in the state where i live the predominant vegetation is the Cerrado :3 in the city where i live also has a famous mountain between the paratroopers. I like bean, sometimes haha. must be hard to adapt to Japan's eating habits, i think if i go there i'll probably live in fast foods lol even Pizza? oh no ;A; yeah I "celebrate" sleeping and watch animes even more because Carnaval it's holiday in the whole country, the businesses are closed for 2 or 3 days, and everything gets monotonous. You're right, will face obstacles to reach in Japan, i will take that as a videogame lol just kidding. THANK YOU SO MUCH! *3* you don't use your instagram? Yeah, there are many people there that i would love to meet. Atsushi Sakurai, the GazettE, Mana, Seth, Daisuke Ono, but Atsushi Sakurai & Ruki mainly my love for them is unconditional :3

    19. Feb., 17:23 Antworten
  • MyCodeNamesJuni

    właśnie zauważyłam ten trend na oshare kei! nawet moją kumpelę, zagorzałą fankę DEATHGAZE i MUCC, ostatnio na SuG i Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wzięło.... tylko ja się jeszcze jakoś trzymam i oprócz paru wyjątków wcale mnie oshare nie interesuje XD jakieś takie nijakie jest moim skromnym zdaniem, serio już wolę jpop // chyba że znasz coś co mnie tak zachwyci że zacznę słuchać :P a BUCK-TICK po prostu uwielbiam! piosenki ze ich starych albumów są wesołe/skoczne i fajnie sobie podśpiewywać, hyhy (np. PLASTIC SYNDROME TYPE II, ROMANESQUE, PHYSICAL NEUROSE ^^) albo tajemnicze ale i tak wpadające w ucho (np. TABOO, Maboroshi no Miyako, Dress). póki co doszłam tylko do 1997, ale najbardziej mi się podobało do 1990 :P

    18. Feb., 16:49 Antworten
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