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16. Jun. 2011, 2:16

Inspired by , i thought I would write an update of my changes in musical taste and an update with my current top 50 bands.

Last time I wrote a proper review of my music was back in 2008, so it's kind of overdue. But my taste in music has changed quite a lot since then, mainly because I feel my taste in music has somewhat matured, into a bunch of artists I would be happy to listen to for the rest of my life. Or at least until I decide to have another change in taste.

And in actual fact, my listening habits have changed a lot more. I used to just listen to anything, on random, whereas now, I'll quite comfortably listen to the same bands for a week, or even a month at a time...

I think, due to the extent of this blog and of how tired I am, I'll do it in 3 blocks. Today 50-31, then 30-16 and finally 15-1.

50. The Shins - I truly believe that The Shins started this revolution of change in my musical taste and so for that reason I hold them in quite high regard. I do believe they are in a break at the moment, but I await their return and hopes of a new album.

49. Showbread - I really don't like any album past Age of Reptiles to be honest, and actually i'm tiring of No Sir, Nihilism is not Practical, but for some reason, I still cannot get enough of Age of Reptiles. Their double album Anorexia Nervosa disappointed me highly and after that I've been skeptical.

48. Johnny Foreigner - One great example of how brilliant album art can entice people into buying the album. It was a pleasant surprise after I started listening, because it was like something I'd never heard before and from this, got into other such bands like Los Campesinos! and Dananananakroyd.

47. Clint Mansell - Probably my favourite film music composer, as he writes such brilliant soundtracks. His work on Requiem is some of the best scores I've heard, whilst his work on Moon is equally as brilliant and whilst he may be no Hans Zimmer, he has a great uniqueness to his scores.

46. Funeral for a Friend - Wasn't until the new album came out earlier this year that I actually started listening to FFAF again. I don't think that they'll ever be one of my favourite bands, but I'm glad to see they returned to what they were good at with the new album which has got some great riffs and hooks to it.

45 My Chemical Romance - Similarly to Funeral, I wanted to give their new album a chance after I'd read an interview with Gerard who said that this was like nothing they'd ever done before. Yeah, it's good, but it's nothing compared to Three Cheers. A great band that I can listen to when feeling nostalgic, but sadly, nothing more.

44. Muse - This actually surprises me because I never really pay much attention to Muse. Not doubting they are a great band and I do enjoy listening to them. I just never really realise I am.

43. Underoath - This almost feels like a guilty pleasure for me now. I mean, there's nothing wrong with them, but it feels so out of my comfort zone with my taste. I'm disappointed that there are no original members left since Aaron Gillespie left to concentrate on The Almost and his new solo project, and the newer album is exactly that. A bit disappointing.

42. The National - What can I say about this band. I'm almost certain that The National will very soon become one of my favourite artists and chart somewhere in the top 20. High Violet is such a powerful album and I could listen to it all night. Absolutely brilliant band with 4+ seemingly flawless albums. The guy's voice. Just beautiful

41. Bon Iver - Another outstanding singer with a beautiful voice. Similarly to The National, I don't see them being outside the top 20 for much longer, especially with a new album just coming out soon. I've had a sneak listen to it and if we get what I expect then it's going to be a phenomenal album.

40. First Aid Kit - Somewhat unusual for me, as I really never got into female singers, however times are changing and First Aid Kit have opened new doors for me. The pair of them harmonise so well and really prove that voices are powerful instruments with some songs going a-capella. Genius songwriting.

39. The Myriad - I was into The Myriad something heavy early last year, and whilst I still really enjoy listening to them, they don't really compare with any of the stuff that I do listen to now. However, they have something brilliantly unique about them which I find somewhat admirable.

38. Biffy Clyro - There isn't a lot of people I know that don't like Biffy and whilst I was a late bloomer into their music, it's grown on me a lot and is really quite infectious. Maybe their latest offering is a tad radio friendly than their diehard fans are used to, but that doesn't stop it from being a great album.

37. Jónsi - This guy is great. For those who don't know, Jonsi is the lead singer from Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Whilst his solo project has undoubtedly got shades of Sigur Ros, mainly due to his distinct voice, he also manages to conjure up a stand alone album, that is easily distinguishable against Sigur Ros. Upbeat, poppy and infectious.

36. Mystery Jets - I only recently discovered Mystery Jets, this year in fact, despite their existence reaching longer than 5 years. I never really gave them the time of day, but I found myself enjoying the song Two Doors Down more than I thought I would, which led to the discovery of the fact that they are pretty good.

35. Fightstar - I think, finally, Charlie Simpson has outshadowed his connection to Busted and I strongly believe that Fightstar have come a long way since the days of the post-Busted era for Charlie. Their latest album, Be Human, is the best yet and things seem to be heading for an even better album once they come off their hiatus.

34. Alexisonfire - I went and saw Alexisonfire earlier this year which may explain a boost in the chart. A great band, one of which I am glad I still listen to, even after my musical maturing.

33. The Answering Machine - A somewhat unknown band, at least no one i know has heard of them, but that should soon change. Their debut album, Another City, Another Sorry, pounced on me unexpectedly and it became an instant favourite of mine for that year. Their new album, Lifeline, has yet to sink into me properly and I'm hoping that after a couple of listens it'll be just as good as their debut.

32. Sigur Rós - A band I could listen to forever. Beautiful songwriting, beautiful artistry, and it really doesn't matter to me that it's sung in Icelandic because it's so powerful. Even so, it still doesn't stop me from being able to memorize some of the lyrics. Every song is cinematic and epic and anthemic and prolific. There is not one weak song on any album.

31. The Used - A part of me will always love The Used as they helped me through some pretty bleak times. Artwork, which was their latest release was definitely a shock in style change to me, but not a bad change at all. They are darker than they've ever been and I absolutely love it.

So that's it for today. Tomorrow, or the next time I can be bothered, i'll run from 30-16 as well as mention some bands that deserve the recognition.


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