Half yearly review


10. Jun. 2007, 21:35

Thought i might as well do a review of my listening habits half way through the year.

I'll give a summary of the bands in my top 50, followed by great artists i've come to like within the last 6 months, closing with a few predictions for the End of 2007 Review.

Top 50 (As of 10th June '07)

50. Moneen - Dec '06 - No.32 - Down 18
It's a shame, i thought, and do, still think, Moneen are a good band. Perhaps i have just been neglecting them? Perhaps too many newer BETTER bands have come along. Whatever it is, it's not doing Moneen any good. I don't really see Moneen staying in the top 50 for too much longer, what with a number of very good bands not yet in the top 50, creeping up.
Favourite song - This Is All Bigger Than Me

49. Bullets And Octane - New Entry
I got into this band a while back, when i saw them support Avenged Sevenfold way back in March '06. I didn't listen to them much at all since last summer, but recently, my music taste has been adapting, and i noticed the talent in this young band. They also have a new album coming out, so i expect i'll be getting hold of that somehow, and they will, hopefully continue to move up the list.
Favourite song - Cancer California

48. Endwell - Dec '06 - No.49 - Up 1
There has been a lack of listening to Endwell in recent weeks, however, they have managed to climb one place in the top 50. They have been peaked at a higher place, however, i think it is due to other newer artists that Endwell is still quite low on the top 50.
Favourite Song - The End

47. The Early November - Dec '06 - No.42 - Down 6
Not much to say about this band that i haven't already said. A good band, and i do listen to them occasionally, but i think it's their very first 3 album listening that has managed to keep them this high. Otherwise, they may have never appeared in the top 50.
Favourite Song - Outside

46. Protest the Hero - Dec '06 - No.25 - Down 21
Wow. How things have changed. In December, i said that Protest The Hero were possibly my favourite "hard" band. That, is not the case anymore. Good band, but most of the time, i can't really stand them. I may listen to them a bit more, and i'm still a PTH fan, but not as huge as i was before.
Favourite Song - Heretics and Killers

45. Jimmy Eat World - Dec '06 - No.47 - Up 2
Before talking about them, it is important to note, that Jimmy Eat World have been absent from the top 50 for quite some time. It is only recently that i have found them again, and began to really like them. Regardless of their brief exit from the top 50, they have managed to climb two places from last year, showing that i have indeed gained more of an interest in them.
Favourite Song - Futures

44. Atreyu - Dec '06 - No.35 - Down 9
I like Atreyu, i just don't like listening to them an awful lot. Like i said in December, i have no idea why they are in my top 50. They shouldn't be because i wouldn't count them as one of my top 50 artists. But, the chart shows otherwise. I do see them taking an exit before the next review though.
Favourite Song - Shameful

43. All That Remains - New Entry
I've only really got into All That Remains very recently, but i like what i hear, because they managed to storm their way into the top 50 almost immediately. Different from what i usually listen to, and similar to other bands i dislike, it's a nice change from the norm.
Favourite Song - Whispers (I Hear You)

42. Lostprophets - Dec '06 - No.22 - Down 20
How the mighty have fallen. Not a lot to say about lostprophets other than i have lost interest in them. For the time being anyway. Dropping 20 places seems to confirm that too.
Favourite Song - We Still Kill The Old Way

41. Billy Talent - Dec '06 - No.28 - Down 13
Similarly to Lostprophets, not a lot to say. I just have lost interest. Unlike Losprophets, i do enjoy a Billy song every now and then, but not on a regular basis.
Favourite Song - Fallen Leaves

40. From First to Last - Dec '06 - No.26 - Down 14
Wow, same story three times in a row. Sonny leaving FFTL made me loose a lot of respect for the band since Sonny was their best asset. There is a possibility that i will never listen to this band again. Exaggeration, but the future looks dire for them.
Favourite Song - Shame Shame

39. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dec '06 - No.24 - Down 15
Umm... I guess i just don't like the Chili Peppers as much as i used to. It's a shame. I still like them, and i probably always will. I was disappointed with Stadium Arcadium when i finally got it. That might be a reason.
Favourite Song - Otherside

38. Eighteen Visions - Dec '06 - No.23 - Down 15
Another band that i have just slowly started to loose interest with. They'd be lower, but luckily for them, they were my favourite band for a while.
Favourite Song - Victim

37. Greeley Estates - Dec '06 - No.38 - Up 1
I'm still undecided on this band. They have moments of brilliance, but some songs just don't work. They're good though, and they managed to climb up one place.
Favourite Song - Secret

36. The Secret Show - New Entry
I've been listening to Matt Davie's side project since February. And i like what i hear, obviously, as they wouldn't be this high obviously. It;s a different genre altogether from what i usually listen to, which for starteds is a good thing, plus they are, really good. Possibly there are factors of the Matt Davie's voice being present, but it doesn't matter, because i enjoy listening.
Favourite Song - Impressionist Road Map Of The West

35. Southcott - New Entry
I love. LOVE this band. I have ten songs by the, and every single one is a gem. They have split up also, which means there won't be anything to look forward to. Thing is, i could listen to the album i have for hours. It is some amazing music, despite what people say.
Favourite Song - Friendly Fire

34. Alexisonfire - Dec '06 - No.39 - Up 5
I have been incredibly stupid, in terms of Alexisonfire. I didn't give them a chance. They almost disappeared from the top 50 altogether, however, something inside of me made me give them another chance. And i am glad i did. I may only listen to Crisis, but i will soon enough listen to the other two, and i probably will end up liking them, as i love Crisis at the moment!
Favourite Song - Boiled Frogs

33. Sum 41 - Dec '06 - No. 21 - Down 12
Good band, not good enough for me to be listening to a lot of. However, with their new album coming out very soon, it's possible that i will be listening to that, and they will go back up the charts!
Favourite Song - Nothing On My Back

32. The Receiving End of Sirens - New Entry
The fact that i am listening to the band now, is one inkling that i love them. I am on a TREOS high at the moment, and they deserve to be listened to a lot because they are one hell of a band! Again, different from many other bands, it's the uniqueness that i really like! They have a new album coming out very soon, which i am highly anticipating! Let's hope it is as good as Between The Heart And The Synapse.
Favourite Song - This Armistice

31. Dustin KensrueNew Entry
Awesome, AWESOME man. The singer of Thrice in his solo project, which like The Secret Show, is not something that I’d usually listen to, but it’s a break from the norm which I really enjoy. It’s a good Country album, and he is a great singer. I really hope that Dustin continues his solo project, because in it’s own rights, it is just as good as Thrice.
Favourite Song - Please Come Home

30. Daphne Loves DerbyNew Entry
Very good. Another slightly different type of artist. Although, it could be considered in the same leagues as many of the other artists I listen to, it is also very different. It’s a good soft approach which I really like. I do prefer the debut album to the most recent they’ve released, but if it wasn’t for the newer release then they probably wouldn’t be so high, maybe not even in the top 50!
Favourite Song - [Hidden Track]

29. HalifaxDec ’06 – No.13 – Down 16
Halifax, I think my ambitions for were a bit too high. No longer are the band I crave to listen to every week and to be honest I don’t think they’ll be appearing in the top 50 much longer because I’m actually starting to dislike the music. Oh well. It’s a shame.
Favourite Song - Sydney (acoustic)

28. Good CharlotteDec ’06 – No.27 – Down 1
They have been much higher than this, verging on entering the top 20, but somehow, I like more artists than them haha. New album is pretty good but it doesn’t really count up, they may have only gone down one place, but I don’t see them climbing back up. And if they are going to, they’ll see a heavy drop before starting to make their way back up.
Favourite Song - Misery

27. Armor for SleepDec ’06 – No. 18 – Down 9
As I write this, I have found a new love for Armor For Sleep. I have neglected them due to other newer artists, and would find myself skipping them when they came on, but just recently, I was giving my older artists a bit of the lime light, and I remembered how good they were. They might have fallen this time, but I see them reclaiming at least some of the steps they lost.
Favourite Song - I Have Been Right All Along

26. New Found GloryNew Entry
I might not be a hardcore NFG fan, but I liked their latest two albums, and that is what has got them up to No.26 in one jump. Good band, and they have some wicked songs. I saw them live too this year, and regret not going first time with my brother.
Favourite Song - Hold My Hand

25. Boys Night OutDec ’06 – No.14 – Down 11
Just a lack of listening, I haven’t had an increase or decrease in the band at all, but with their new album out, they will probably go back higher. I like this band, because they are fairly unknown with people I know, which is always a nice thing.
Favourite Song - Medicating

24. Every Time I DieDec ’06 – No.44 – Up 20
Awesome result, because as I said in December, ETID are one of my favourite harder bands. And, I think now, I would go as far as saying my ultimate favourite harder band. They might not be THAT hard, but they are so talented, and I am eagerly awaiting their new album The Big Dirty when it comes out very soon! I am so glad that ETID have climbed up this way, because it shows that I have a more diverse taste than I did last time I did a review, I wouldn’t be surprised if ETID managed to make it into the top 20 before next review.
Favourite Song - The New Black

23. AlesanaDec ’06 – No.8 – Down 15
High hopes with Alesana. I think I liked them less when everyone else started listening to them, this is not because of the classic cardboard box syndrome, but it was probably because I was just listening to them non-stop and I just got bored with it. I haven’t listened to Alesana at all recently. But, I do still like them, and I can see myself still listening to them.
Favourite Song - Ambrosia

22. 30 Seconds to MarsNew Entry
I went to see 30 Seconds in April, and I was gobsmacked, they were amazing. I liked them before this, and it was probably me seeing that they were playing which got me really excited. They had a brief stint in the top 20, but I have been neglecting them recently, but I have a feeling I’ll be listening to them a lot more in future. Despite what people say about Jered Leto, he is a good front man, a good singer for a good band.
Favourite Song - Savior

21. The Classic CrimeDec ’06 – No.11 – Down 10
Good band or not, I haven’t been listening to them a lot recently. I have a feeling there might be a case of Halifax syndrome that is going to happen. I hope not, because they are a different, more indie approach of what I normally listen to so it would be a shame to let them slip out of my grasp!
Favourite Song - Headlights

20. AFIDec ’06 – No.6 – Down 14
I just want them out of my top 50. I don’t listen to them anymore. I do like them, and I do like some songs. I just prefer at least 50 other bands.
Favourite Song - Summer Shudder

19. blink-182Dec ’06 – No.16 – Down 3
I’m so surprised Blink are still in the top 20. It’s actually quite amazing. Good band and it shows, even though they did go down three spaces, but was this purely because I had at least 3 new entries into the top 20? That may be the case.
Favourite Song - Stockholm Syndrome

18. Senses FailDec ’06 – No.10 – Down 8
Good new album, as I said in the December, but I just haven’t been listening to them as much as I used to, it’s true, I could listen to them a lot of the time, but there are so many other artists I prefer to them so, it stands alone, they go down 8 places.
Favourite Song - Still Searching

17. Hidden in Plain ViewDec ’06 – No.20 – Up 3
I love them. I’m sad they aren’t together anymore, but I can’t wait for the new album! Yes, they released a new album even though they split up! That is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Last week, Hidden In Plain View were not in the top 20, but I’ve been listening to them a lot in the last week and I just love them so very much!
Favourite Song - A Minor Detail

16. From Autumn To AshesDec ’06 – No.31 – Up 15
There has been a point in the last 6 months were I almost gave up on them. But, for some reason I thought one day, that I’d listen to them, and sometimes I just forget how much I really like an artist, they also had a new album released, so that helped me out to. It is a good album, a very good album. It’s not my favourite, but it is very good.
Favourite Song - Sugar Wolf

15. A Static LullabyNo Change
The first band to stay exactly where they are for the last 6 months. Well, not exactly, because they were in the top ten for the majority of the last 6 months. They released a new album late last year, which was amazing, and is still amazing, and I have been listening to it a lot. I think, that again, their only downfall is the presence of some other newer bands.
Favourite Song - The Art of Sharing Lovers

14. FightstarDec ’06 – No.30 – Up 16
I have come to love Fightstar in the last 6 months. They are truly, one of the best British rock acts to come out in recent history. Slowly but surely, they are coming out from under the guise of being “That bloke from Busted’s other band”. I’m very pleased for this, because I have been with Fightstar, from nearly the very beginning, and with the new album out soon, I can not wait to be listening to some new Fightstar material, which I’m sure will rock my socks off.
Favourite Song - Build An Army

13. SaosinDec ’06 – No.29 – Up 16
Another band that I have come to love within the last 6 months, Saosin have really taken a shine to me. They are slightly different to the normal band, yet, somewhat average. I love them, but they are a bit samey. But, to be honest the songs are good enough that you don’t notice it which I really enjoy
Favourite Song - You’re Not Alone

12. Rookie of the YearDec ’06 – No.17 – Up 5
Rookie Of The Year have spent the best part of the last 6 months in the top 10. I listened to them pretty much every week, but recently, I just haven’t. I managed to get hold of the proper mastered tracks too, so the listening experience has gone up, and I have liked more of the songs this way. Hopefully they will come tour in England soon, because I would so go to see them.
Favourite Song - Set the Sails, Red Beret

11. Taking Back SundayDec ’06 – No.7 – Down 4
Just because they’ve gone down, doesn’t mean I like them any less. Yes, I have been listening to them less, but I still love and appreciate their music. I have actually started to listen to them a bit more recently because I knew I was missing some old TBS magic, and by god it worked on me. Who knows, they could be up higher!
Favourite Song - Spin

10. MAENew Entry
Awesome artist, another one that is slightly out of the box. I thought that I would give them a go, because they kept popping up everywhere. I’m glad I did, because they took an instant shine to me, and I haven’t been able to get enough of them! I know that this love is to stay, because I haven’t stopped listening to them since the day I started, which I love. Plus, the have the very special recognition, that they play two of my favourite songs!
Favourite Song - The Everglow

9. The All-American RejectsDec ’06 – No.19 – Up 10
One of my favourite bands ever. They’ve managed to go up 10, which is a big jump, when it comes to the top 20, because they are all so close it’s unbelievable. They are always amazing, and seeing them at Give It A Name for the second time was one of my favourite 2007 moments so far. I think they will always be one of my favourite bands.
Favourite Song - Dance Inside

8. My Chemical RomanceDec ’06 – No. 5 – Down 3
I love MCR as much as I did the day I started listening to them, way back in 2004. I love them as much as I did from when they got big. From when they got big. Hah, the exact reason I don’t like to listen to them too much. As I said in December, I could put them on repeat and I wouldn’t get bored. That’s the thing with them. That’s why they are so popular now. So again, I shouldn’t care what other people say!
Favourite Song - Dead!

7. ThriceDec ’06 – No.12 – Up 5
Coming into the big boys now, my all time favourites. We are, after all in the top ten, where my favourite artists belong. Haha. Thrice, I cannot say in a whole sentence how good they are and how much I like them because there would never be enough words to describe how much I DO like them. They have a new album coming out very soon, and I cannot wait. It is, at the moment, my most anticipated album, because it’s been a very long journey for Thrice, and they progress with every single album they do, and I just can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the next installment
Favourite Song - Red Sky

6. The AlmostNew Entry
Well, where should I start! Since finding them in April, way before anyone else, they have appeared on my top 10 most listened to weekly charts EVERY single week. That’s at least 10 weeks, where I listen to them enough to get them onto the top 10. Considering that I’ve only been listening to them, for about two months, and the fact that they are already no.6 on the top 50, shows how amazing I think they are. Not a day has gone passed since I’ve been listening to them where one of the songs has gotten stuck in my head. And I love it! It doesn’t compare to Underoath, but, Aaron Gillespie has proved it, that he can go it alone, and my god, he is one talented son of a gun! I look forward to more material from this kid. Already, in two months, The Almost has managed to gain one of my favourite bands places. That, is some sort of record.
Favourite Song - Southern Weather

5. Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Dec ’06 – No.4 – Down 1
Despite Scary Kids dropping a place, they remain to be an awesome, well listened to band. Because, I can’t get enough of them. They also have a new album out soon, which is another I can’t wait for, because I’ve already heard a tiny sneak preview, and from what I have heard, it is going to blow their previous album out the water. And that was good. I hope my expectations are lived up to, but I have a feeling there’s going to be no problem that Scary Kids will deliver.
Favourite Song - My Darkest Hour

4. Funeral for a FriendDec ’06 – No.9 – Up 5
The new album, is why they are ahead of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. But, apart from that, they would have been no.5 because within the last 6 months, I have realized how amazing they really are and I am pleased I own their albums. Tales Don’t Tell Themselves is their best album yet, and I can’t get enough of it. On first listening to it, there were a couple of songs that I could see myself skipping, but now, I lover every single track on the album, and it really shows how amazing they are. Definitely one of my top 5 bands.
Favourite Song - Walk Away

3. UnderoathDec ’06 – No.2 – Down 1
Since December, the top three artist, have been up and down and up and down constantly, and so, still they are undeniably my favourite three artists, it’s just a fight between the three of them. Underoath, are still in my good books, and Define The Great Line, has proven to be one of my all time favourite albums, as I am still listening to it now, without any denial. The songs are just so good, and I don’t know what it is, but they grip me somehow. They are Underoath at their best. Who knows, they may even outdo themselves with the next album, whenever that may be.
Favourite Song - You’re Ever So Inviting

2. SilversteinDec ’06 – No.3 – Up 1
Like I said with Underoath, the top three haven’t budged at all, and there is no denying that they are my three all time greats. Silverstein beat Underoath to second place this time. Regardless of whoever I listen to most, I love them all the same. I managed to see Silverstein live in the Camden Barfly at the end of May, and it was the best night, the best gig of my life so far. I even met Shane, the singer, and got his autograph. I met my hero, the singer of one of my favourite bands, and that, shall be a memory which I shall never forget for the rest of my life. People meet their favourite band’s singers all the time, but this was an amazing experience. What made it even better was the fact that he is such a nice guy. Their new album “Arrivals And Departures” will be out early next month, and that is something that I will be going straight to the shops to buy.
Favourite Song - Fist Wrapped in Blood

1. The UsedNo Change
The fact that The Used have retained their number one spot must mean something. Sure, they’ve been to no.2 and no.3 in the last 6 months, but they claimed it back, and now, they are 100 tracks ahead of Silverstein and Underoath. Whilst I continue to say that all three bands are my top bands, and I could not choose between the three of them, it has become clear, that The Used, for the meanwhile, are the outright winners. But I say winners, in the sense that I have listened to them more. Not because they are my outright favourite. It may have helped that they released their new album Lies For The Liars, which is absolutely phenomenal. I have been listening to it non-stop the last couple of weeks, because I can’t get enough of it. I have also been listening to the older stuff in the car, and it’s just. Amazing. I love every single song they have done, which is something that not a lot of other bands can say. I will always love the used, and it’s going to be very hard for any one to dethrone them. They also, with the new album, at least, for the meanwhile, have given me a new favourite song.
Favourite Song - Find A Way(Blue And Yellow, will always be my favourite, but as I’m on a Lies For The Liars high, I’ve put this one.)

Other artists, who I have loved in the last 6 months include:
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
Ten Second Epic
Circa Survive
James Blunt
Jeff Buckley

I expect, in the next half yearly review, that most, if not all of the above bands will be in the top 50. There may be new artists by then too, who may also catch my eye.
Underoath, Silverstein and The Used, will all still be the top 3, and the top 10, will not change greatly. However, the top 20, may be mixed up a little bit. I expect the bands, such as Eighteen Visions, Moneen, and the other bands I haven’t been listening to very much to disappear altogether. AFI, also, may go completely from the top 50.

Till next time.


  • kalsonberry

    Great review! I read pretty much the whole thing. :) I can't say I'm the biggest fan of your music (I checked out a few of the ones I don't know on purevolume while reading and they all kind of sounded the same lol), but there are definitely some bands I like on there! I was really really surprised to see Mae at #10, that was cool. And yay for All-American Rejects, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Jimmy Eat World as well. The Classic Crime has been sitting on my playlist as well without much plays... Good to see Anberlin on that other artists list, as well as uh James Blunt? hehe. #20 to out of the top 50 is a pretty far way to fall for AFI though.

    11. Jun. 2007, 2:19
  • C26000

    it was long! :O I read it almost all I came here through the Protest the hero conection, My current favorite band :D While I was reading it I generated this graph, I guess you may like it, is your last 6 month listening history :) [IMG]http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/9850/usedchemicalwavegraphiv1.th.png[/IMG]

    14. Jun. 2007, 5:55
  • OllyBanham

    Brilliant review! Nice to see you putting in the work, very good. Oh, and exceptional grammar ;)

    19. Jun. 2007, 8:42
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