SALEM @ Shoreditch Church


25. Nov. 2010, 23:54

Wed 24 Nov – Salem, Becoming Real

While the venue was awesome (and half the reason I wanted to go in the first place) the gig was mostly rubbish. Not helped by it being a) freezing cold and b) on hard wooden pews.

First up was Becoming Real who's set improved significantly towards the end, becoming a bit more dubstep and reminding me of Hudson Mohawke. However it took a long time to get there, still it's on my list of stuff to listen to more.

After some time Salem came on and played for a 20 minutes before, what can only be described as wandering off. I know they have a reputation for outsider/awkwardness/whatever but I expected a bit more. The music itself was good, but too quiet and indifferent from recorded versions. I'm half convinced that some of the vocals were mimed/synced, with people wandering around to make up the numbers.

So, a bit of a shame. I still like the album SALEM, but that gig took the shine off them, for me at least.


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