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27. Mai. 2008, 17:32

"Fly Me To The Dark Side Of The Moon"

I decided to use the Last.FM 'playlist' feature to gather some music I like to listen to when I am working on something, doing homework or reading on the couch. For some reason the music that works best with these activities is without vocals, catchy melodies but has an inherently forlorn, melancholic vibe. I decided to add a small number of catchier tunes as well as upbeat metal tracks to keep it from becoming too boring to listen to for more than an hour.

- So what you'll get is some like:

* The Thing (Ennio Morricone) Play:Humanity (part I)
* Aliens The Deluxe Edition (James Horner) Play:Atmosphere Station
* Videodrome (Howard Shore) Play:A Slow Burn
* Jerry Goldsmith Play:The Cloud

- Also, some like:

* Drudkh Play:False Dawn
* Burzum Play:Dunkelheit
* Abigor Play:Beneath a Steel Sky
* Bolt Thrower Play:Contact Wait Out
* Wyrd Play:These Empty Rooms

- Some and like:

* Verdi - Requiem e Kyrie: Sequenza
* Béla Bartók - Music for Strings Percussion a
* Philip Glass - Contrary Motion
* Olivier Messiaen - I. Regard du Pere: Extremement lent. Mysterieux, avec amour

However, the largest part of the playlist is made up out of the only musical style that just perfectly fits the criterion of "moody and melancholic": and .

- The highlights of these:

* Emmanuel Top Play:Stress
* Atrium Carceri Play:Incubation
* Felixdroid Play:Starfield Part 2
* planet boelex Play:seadreamers
* Triarii (Sadly not streamable yet!)
* Amorphous Androgynous Play:01 Liquid Insects
* Coph Nia Play:That Which Remains
* Desiderii Marginis Play:Deadbeat I
* Ghosts of Breslau Play:Scontrum II

(Tip: the Cold Meat Industries Label!)

- and some more random weird/dark/catchy/too-good-to-leave out tunes like:

* Yat-Kha Play:Come Along
* Uriah Heep Play:Easy Livin'
* Stephen Kent Play:Energizer
* Black Sabbath Play:Iron Man
* Robert Play:Princesse de rien
* Calvin Harris Play:Acceptable in the 80's


Please give it a chance and let me know what you think! Comments are absolutely welcome. Here's a quick link to my playlist.
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