New Album Released..


27. Jan. 2006, 11:14

God Is An Astronaut's new album "A Moment of Stillness" available today..
You can order it from their official website..
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God Is An Astronaut, AFTER THE POST ROCK


  • helensd

    oooohh... might get that.

    27. Jan. 2006, 12:11
  • psychodad84

    hmm, no vinyl ?? I have to wait to get my new creditcard anyway (changing banks has serious consequences on buying records)

    27. Jan. 2006, 12:32
  • D_C

    I'm listening to it right at the moment, it's a lot more chilled and spacious than the last one, doesn't hit the same crescendoes - still a fantastic piece though, A Moment of Stillness really describes it quite well.

    28. Jan. 2006, 15:30
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