• Jeu 11 nov. – Public Enemy

    13. Nov. 2010, 19:46

    2h30 of pure madness, the hip hop 's legend is not dead.
    the brain, Chuck D rules the show like a master ( but he doesn't forget to take the money of fans ( " there is teeshirt, cds to buy ....").Flavor flav is allways one of the best mc's, public enemy 's lord is one of the best dj; and an amazing guitarist, and bass & drums are very professionnal...
    Flavor flav said " question 3 , is your money work tonight ?, we don't come somewhere to play only 45 minuts and go home"...
    yes they want money , but they respect fans( i saw crystal castles before at the same place, it was fantastic, but be late, only play 45 minuts , it sucks...)
    before the masters , played a local band Z town Massiv, very good mc & dj, there is good hip hop in luxemburg...
    before the 3last songs of the show, chuck d invite mcs in the crow, to go on stage, they take the mik; we can see again, there is good mc's in luxemburg( a french mc's was not good ( i am french), ( don't thank public enemy like the others, just wanna do his own song,completely displaced.(the respect guys).
    go to listen to public enemyif they will play in your town, new album coming soon,(if they find enough money)...
  • orchestra de fuba "bal forro"

    6. Jun. 2010, 8:53

    it was hot like brasil , the band played a traditional and modern music ( with some jazz or funk pieces); hot happy people was dancing till the end of th show ; 5 grea t musicians , two french, 3 brasilians; the singer has an amazing flow , some rapper will be jealous. ooh what a hot night. if they go next your town , go and see them...
  • bubble beatz

    6. Jun. 2010, 8:28

    bubblbeatz is a total show,; the music , electro samples with percussions various and original ,fined everywhere , ina dish for feet was burning , iwas in trans.people find a real extasy,two physical hours of strong show :fantastic show.
  • caliente do brasil

    6. Jun. 2010, 8:11

    orchestra de fuba give us a"bal forro", itwas hot,traditionnal and modern , music forro with some jazz or funk sometimes , good musicians , brasilians, and french; the singer was amazing , a flow that many rappers will be jealous; difficult but funny danse , people don't want leave the place , so hot ,very good night.
  • stuck in the sound set sat .6 march

    7. Mär. 2010, 9:55

    sat. 6 mars – Stuck in the Sound
    saturday,it was a wall of sound,an inerresting set of Goo(local band),with a lack of breathes and breaks.
    Stuck in the sound give us a strong powerful show with great hymn like "ouais"(yeah);the songs were not sinking under a powerful wall of sound, they breathe;the maturity of the band make people awake during the whole set.the singer is a real showman his head lost in a sweat of rapman;he plays with the people,with funny or acid jokes;he makes the place on fire...
    i don't know them before(just3songs),but i will go back again....
    if you love to see how the flowers grow under a wall of sound ,go,go,go to the next shows or listen to their cd....
    keep the faith