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Jane SiberryI Will Survive 3. Mai. 2011
Lesbians On EcstasySuperdyke! (Live) 3. Mai. 2011
ChumbawambaBella Ciao Lieblingslied 3. Mai. 2011
Melissa FerrickFreedom 3. Mai. 2011
Melissa FerrickTo Let You See Me 3. Mai. 2011
Melissa FerrickI Am Not 3. Mai. 2011
ChumbawambaThe Best Is Yet to Come Lieblingslied 3. Mai. 2011
Tegan and SaraHell 3. Mai. 2011
OtepNumb & Dumb 3. Mai. 2011
uh band duhnMs. Beheaven 3. Mai. 2011
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Über mich

i'm an artist & and experience junkie:
if it can be done: i want to (^disclaimer^) ...
so i have *a lot* to do...
this time around ;-)

i apply this rule to pretty much all aspects of my life. so yes: i party, i fuck, i play, & i love - openly & freely.
i fall in love. not lust: its for my 10" dildo & no marriage until DOMA dies: so until then, if, or when: i'm just living to enjoy life.

^disclaimer^: after getting to know me.


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