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Public EnemyBurn Hollywood Burn 15. Dez. 2013
Public EnemyAnti-Nigger Machine 15. Dez. 2013
Ice-TBitches 2 15. Dez. 2013
Bloodhound GangFire Water Burn 15. Dez. 2013
Ice-T99 Problems 15. Dez. 2013
Fleetwood MacThe Chain 15. Dez. 2013
DeftonesXerces 15. Dez. 2013
Lacuna CoilKill the Light 15. Dez. 2013
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Carny 15. Dez. 2013
The KillersJenny Was a Friend of Mine 15. Dez. 2013
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Über mich

what do you listen to?
if you check out ALL the tracks i've listened should explain itself.

what movies do you like? silence of the lambs, rent, rocky horror picture show, "8 1/2", dr. strangelove, the shining, the exorcist, fight club, the game, american psycho, the star wars saga (because i can't get enough ILM in my life...)...hopefully you get the idea....

do you read? i do. these days not enough. i have been known to pick up something by nietzsche, marquis deSade or stephen king (even though i think lately he's run out of original ideas). i'll also pick up web programming books (because i have to...) or some other tech book. other books i enjoy reading are true crime novels as well as psychological thrillers (i personally don't think alot of books should've been adapted to film. too much gets lost in translation)

do you want friends? only if you give me a dollar, rent is due shortly.

is that really you in that picture? no, it's my daughter.

wanna date? no. i'm married. besides...the internet was never intended as a virtual pick-up joint. if you're really that desperate...perhaps you should visit your local wal-mart...pick up a gun (a hunting rifle will do)...load it with ammo....insert into mouth...and proceed to delete yourself as the world does not need you taking up space..

well ok, but i wanna hear what you're currently listening to...
and? ask me if i care...

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