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16. Apr. 2009, 23:10

Thu 16 Apr – Cameo

So, I was slightly regretting I didn't go to the Drum Festival, many moons ago, where Cameo and Zapp/Roger played. Just because I don't like masses of people, few bands of interest, short playing times and expensive tickets, not my idea of fun. Zapp surely isn't happening anymore (even though I believe there's a Zapp VI and Rufus Troutman III does a good job at keeping the spirit alive but also with a Born Again message that I might find bearable on record but perhaps a bit too much in a live situation), but Cameo! I bought my ticket (about € 35) and was excited.

It was a great show, sure. Sound could've been a bit more crispy, the lead guitar could've been audible, but all in all I had a great time. Many songs pretty much as expected, except for personal favourite That Kind Of Guy. One song I didn't know, but I haven't listened to the last album all that much and some of the earlier ones I got rather late (in the 'RS-era' so to speak). I was happy to see and hear real drums, bass and guitar. Also surprised to realise that aside from the instantly recognizable Larry Blackmon, the two others were there too, Charlie Singleton on a mad guitar and Tomi Jenkins on vocals, smooth as ever. Nice moves and classics like Shake Your Pants, Candy, She's Strange, I'm down, very much so. Even the obligatory Word Up! was great, but it was the last song! Singleton left the stage last, after showing he did have sound, but that was it. After only one hour! With over 30 years of history and a shitload of excellent songs to choose from! Even though I often find encores unnecessary, this time I wanted one! Back And Forth, preferably. But no, it was over. Good, but short and pricey.


  • bFunkD

    The concert was good, but a bit too short and Blackmon did look like he was tired and was not feeling up to a show. Jenkins was thanking us, the fans, for all our dedication throughout all these years. Too bad they didn't show their dedication by doing a little more effort and doing more than the bare minimum of an hour. Still I loved seeing them live. The voice of Tomi and the "oooow" of Larry really made it worth it in the end.

    16. Apr. 2009, 23:36
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