Surprise Favourite


19. Sep. 2006, 13:32

Mylo's Destroy Rock And Roll didn't really click with me the first few times I heard it. I didn't really think too much of the title track, and it just fell by the wayside.

Then, Emotion 98.6 just came up in rotation, and I can't remember ever falling in love with a track so fast.

It's the sort of music that reminds me of the good ol' 16 bit days... this song would feel right at home as the ending credits roll for a Genesis game. The arrangement and melodies are just beautiful, it's just a nice track to listen to when you feel like sticking your head on the clouds. It's a head bopping, toe tapping, ease off the throttle and just cruise along kind of song.

Guilty Of Love is also a somewhat similar track, with the chorus being very reminiscent of the work of Yuzo Koshiro.


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