anton newcombe and his mysterious guests


5. Sep. 2005, 18:59



The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the ottobar, in Balitmore, the 19th...

...with guests? (who are these "guests"?)

a very good (more than) friend pointed out to me that The Dandy Warhols take a break from their european tour to play at CBGB's in NY on the...14th?

awfully close, don't you think?

considering the next european date is October the 8th.

who could these "mystery" guests be?

(i should hope they'd be none other than the dandy's)

(we shall see)


  • theneighborhood

    I like your taste for one. I like your siteinprogress for two. I like your photoskills for three. i like you for four.

    6. Sep. 2005, 1:48
  • Skewgee

    i am very scared now. too much california

    14. Sep. 2005, 10:22
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