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Angus & Julia StoneAnd the Boys Lieblingslied 12. Jan. 2011
Sarah BlaskoWe Won't Run Lieblingslied 12. Jan. 2011
Goo Goo DollsBlack Balloon 12. Jan. 2011
Owl CityFireflies Lieblingslied 12. Jan. 2011
UffieHot Chick (Feadz Edit) (Fabriclive 33) 12. Jan. 2011
My Chemical RomanceWelcome to the Black Parade Lieblingslied 12. Jan. 2011
Lady GagaPoker Face 12. Jan. 2011
The StrokesSomeday Lieblingslied 12. Jan. 2011
Kings of LeonUse Somebody 12. Jan. 2011
Taylor SwiftTim McGraw 12. Jan. 2011
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I am an eccedentesiast.
I like too many things and I am too opinionated.
I am human, therefore I am not perfect. I judge too easily and get far too jealous.
I am far too indecisive. And far too obsessive.

I have a baaaad case of the Philes.

If you are my aquaintance you will know me as the annoying, crazy, clumsy 'never serious' idiotic girl who uses far too much interwebs speak.
If you are my friend you will know me as the shy, sensitive, awkward, nervous girl who will correct your grammar in an instant and can not get enough of linguistics.

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