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Secret MachinesDaddy's in the Doldrums 13. Nov. 2013
OasisUp in the Sky 13. Nov. 2013
BlackfieldSummer Lieblingslied 13. Nov. 2013
RiversideOK 13. Nov. 2013
Lunatic SoulLimbo 13. Nov. 2013
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadWill You Smile Again? 13. Nov. 2013
CursiveBloody Murderer 13. Nov. 2013
AmplifierAirborne Lieblingslied 13. Nov. 2013
Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder the Bridge 11. Okt. 2013
GotyeEasy Way Out 11. Okt. 2013
ColdplayDeath and All His Friends 10. Okt. 2013
AWOLNATIONSail 10. Okt. 2013
The FrayNever Say Never 31. Jul. 2013
BjörkIt's Oh So Quiet 31. Jul. 2013
Coldplay42 31. Jul. 2013
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Über mich

I was "born" from the cosmic dust created in the Pillars of Destiny almost 2 billion years ago. During much of that time my body slept , but my consciousness was impatient, and searching. Sent throughout the deepest corners of this universe, it sought to discover that which I must know. And it has. I found my clue in your small planet and in finding I have awoken. Two billion years is a long time, even for one such as I. Awake now, I hunger and I must feed. I am eager. I am ravenous. And I am coming.


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