A-Z Fav Tracks 2010


21. Jul. 2010, 15:52

A - ...And The Battle Begun (lastyear=Alle auf pause by Couch)
B - Behind Closed Doors (lastyear=Black and Blue by The Frankl Project)
C - Collapse (Post-Amerika) (lastyear=Criminal by Disturbed)
D - Don't Stop (unchanged)
E - Earth (lastyear=Extractions by BS 2000)
F - The Fear (lastyear=Futuro by Mae)
G - The Good Left Undone (unchanged)
H - Heavy Cross (lastyear=He's a Rocker by The Vines)
I - In Her Drawer (lastyear=Island in the Sun by Weezer)
J - Just Can't Get Enough (lastyear=Je Suis Le Vent by Working for a Nuclear Free City)
K - Kotov Syndrome (lastyear=Kiss My Converse by Infinite Number of Sounds)
L - Length of Love (lastyear=Loud Pipes by Ratatat)
M - A Mouth Full of Hollow Threats? (lastyear=Machine in the Ghost by The Faint)
N - New Bones (lastyear=No Jesus Christ by Seether)
O - Only For The Night (lastyear=O My Heart by Mother Mother)
P - Prayer of the Refugee (unchanged)
Q - Quicksand (lastyear=The Queen's Rebuke / The Crossing by The Decemberists)
R - Re-Education (Through Labor) (lastyear=Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine)
S - Savior (lastyear=Supermassive Black Hole by Muse)
T - To Our Unborn Daughters (lastyear=That Beep by Architecture in Helsinki)
U - Uprising (lastyear=Use Me by Hinder)
V - Violent and Young (lastyear=Vietcaterpillar by Black Moth Super Rainbow)
W - Whereabouts Unknown (lastyear=Wild International by One Day as a Lion)
X - nothing noteworthy (listened to at least 3 times) (lastyear=Xavia by The Submarines)
Y - Yakety Sax (lastyear=You'll Find a Way by Santogold)
Z - Zero (lastyear=Zwei Streifen Im Blau by Couch)

wow, kinda prodominantly Rise Against and Rx Bandits this time around


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