• blurry but goodie

    22. Nov. 2013, 18:39

    Wed 23 Oct – Toro y Moi, The Sea and Cake

    so I went with 2 of my friends who are girls, going to terminal 5 is always pretty easy and simple after a few times. I pre gamed with some rum the entire trip there and by the time we got there toro y moi was just about to go on. Got a beer and seriously danced the whole time like I was pretty drunk but I love this guy. He has a huge ass afro now btw haha I wish he played some older stuff but still a great show.
  • expecting much more, i'm a little dissapointed :[

    6. Mai. 2013, 12:15

    showed up after 9, missed thundercat so just drank until flying lotus came on. he was playing very few jams and half of his set was captain murphy shit. too much rapping and not enough jams, his set was pretty similar to when I saw him last time. I just thought flying lotus would have switched it up and kill itSun 5 May – Red Bull Music Academy presents Flying Lotus
  • agressive dancing all night

    22. Apr. 2013, 13:56

    Tue 9 Apr – TOKiMONSTA

    pre gamed before with a good friend, drank 2 beers and I had half a pint of rum in my cup during tokimonsta and she tore the place apart. She is so much more prettier in person and has talent to match, those beats were so fucking nasty, i'd def. see her again also Brooklyn is where it's at, you don't get patted down and everyone is so chill.
  • new god flow

    31. Jan. 2013, 1:55

    Tue 29 Jan – Cat Power, Angel Haze, Sisu

    they didn't pat me down this time when I got there, I guess cat power doesn't bring the drug enthusiasts even though I smelt some delicious pot during her set. chan didn't play any of her old stuff which I was a little upset about but a solid performance none the less.i guess this tour she's on is just to support her new albume. i'd see her again for sure because maybe she will actually play all the old stuff, I was hoping to shed a tear because her music is so sad in the best possible way.
  • 2nd time i knew what was coming but it was still amazing

    10. Okt. 2012, 17:13

    Sun 7 Oct – Flying Lotus, Teebs, Thundercat, Jeremiah Jae

    first off, terminal 5 sucks i mean they pat you down at the door the sound wasnt the best it could of been, great show but a better environment could have helped. jeremiah jae was first, i got there a little late but his set was pretty good and he got a little weird. haha even a little bit of freestyling, after that had a beer and then thunder cat went on. haha everyone knows thundercat is a prodigy on bass, no question but for me it seemed like to much jam session not enough songs. haha this guy has a voice of an angel but was jamming most of the time, very talented guy though. flying lotus then went on, teebs never came on or maybe he played before jeremiah jae ? anyway, flying lotus needless to say stole the show as per usual. he mixed his stuff from cosmogramma, until the quiet comes and a classic and favorite "melt" with lil wayn - im dying, school boy q, a frank ocean remix, j dilla, asap rocky and at the end waka flacka dub step-ish i go hard in the paint haha it was so good. great show, always going to see flying lotus when he comes to nyc
  • everything went perfect

    6. Aug. 2012, 3:20

    Thu 2 Aug – Gold Panda, Shigeto, Beacon

    i love the bowery ballroom, first and for most. no one pats you down so you can bring in treats for yourself and they had extra tickets for everyone. Beacon was kind of whatever not bad but nothing crazy. Shigeto was crazy, kind of stole the show when he would play the drums for his own beats haha. gold panda was great though i was about 5 beers deep and had some jameson during his set. I was dancing with 2 cups in my hands, he was killing it haha. Great show.
  • Deuandra

    1. Apr. 2012, 14:04

    Fri 30 Mar – Teebs, Sonnymoon, Time Wharp

    haha crazy night to say the least. took the train into the city, no problems but when you get there they pat you down so just a warning. it was a basement show with a bar, new castle 8 bucks and cheap beer 5. i was with my best friend drinking and met a girl there.

    forget the first dude but he wasn't bad

    then another guy, he never said his name, he was alright but he had a sitar player later in his set which was interesting

    this group then came on and they had a singer with pink hair and 2 djs it was kind of weird in a good way

    i was only there for teebs but when he came on, my small group went to the front and it was dance party city up in the place. he seriously played my most favorite beats of his and i was going pretty nuts haha. i thought his set was on the short side could have been longer haha idk maybe thats just me.
  • BK wake the fuck up!

    19. Jan. 2012, 14:33

    Wed 18 Jan – Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, J-Rocc

    pre gamed at my uncles, we then picked up a friend and consumed on the ride there which wasn't bad at all. we get there and walk in the place with no problems. get a magic hat number 9 and waited for the show to start.

    first was J-Rocc, had a very nice solid set. playing real nice beats, everyone was heading nodding or dancing getting into it. Also i noticed a lot of nas being played, from like 30 second parts to a minute or more of a song. more number 9's keep coming my way and a little more consumption. haha i saw people lighting up right next to me, needless to say it smelled really good in there.

    then madlib came on, no breaks or nothing. haha everyone was going nuts because he was killing it. playing tons of crazy beats, also some madvillian, j dilla, and other familiar samples. me and a friend has established that his set was really good but kind of all over the place when it came to the flow. i guess at this point in madlib's career he can just play whatever he feels like that night and that's why it's random. no real playlist just whatever comes to mind which shows how talented he is.

    in the middle of the set freddie gibbs came on and he was actually pretty good and the beats were banging of coures. he even went accapella a few times, the guy has some skill. then madlib came back on and started playing some real weird, trippy shit. later on j rocc took over again but then madlib just ended up joing him. so they both were just tearing it up.

    over all real great show, always nice to go out to the city and enjoy great, under rated music

    ps: bought madlib medicine show # 5 and nothing but straight up beats haha.
  • brainfeeder is the champion sound

    21. Jun. 2011, 18:59

    Mon 20 Jun – Flying Lotus, Teebs, Thundercat, Austin Peralta, Strangeloop

    Getting there was easy parked my car in a parking garage then took the train into the city. Took 2 sub way trains and walked a little and i found the place ok. I had previously gotten supplies ready for the occasion so i went to a close by park and got in the right mood. Walked back to the place and while waiting for the doors to open had some beers and made some friends.

    Strangeloop was first, he set the tone of how the night was going to play out. A lot of really good tracks and really good beats from him. Everyone else liked him too, a lot of head nodding going on.

    teebs was next, i heard of his stuff before and knew he was pretty good. flying lotus came out to talk to us for a little, it was a nice surprise. teebs played some new samiyam , some of his songs, and other crazy beats. people were smoking and really getting into it.

    idk this dudes name cause i was outside, getting in the mood again haha. when i got inside this dude was killing it. everyone was dancing including myself, really crazy stuff. i kept asking people around me what this dude's name was but no one could give me an answer. eventually he started beat boxing from his mouth he he was INSANE like stuff you would hear out of a computer. he was beat boxing and playing the keyboard at the same time, really talented guy.

    i was outside again real quick doing my thing, smoked a boge and then headed inside. and there he was the, flying lotus and his like little band thing going on. thundercat played bass and Austin Peralta was on the keyboard. instantly it was a dance party, beats after beats after beats of the craziest stuff. i was getting my groove on and so was everyone else in the room. really great atmosphere, after a while the band left and he started taking requests. haha he puts on a real great show and the art work in the background will blow your mind.

    really great show was worth the trouble of getting back home afterwards. i love flying lotus and would totally see him again.
  • MORE

    8. Apr. 2011, 5:48

    Wed 6 Apr – Explosions in the Sky, Low, Eluvium

    i went with my best firend so i was already in a great mood. we ended up walking to radio city from penn station, wasn't positive on the direction but we ended up there somehow haha. we found out explosions in the sky wasn't playing until 9:40 so we went and found a corner to get "inspired". walked back and then sat down in seats we weren't sure was ours. after a beer i noticed my friend was gone and i became nervous about what happened to him. i got seated in my right seat and i was pretty dam close. i wish i was in my original seat before explosions in the sky played but they really played some classic. i just wish their set was longer, that is the only complaint.