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25. Jan. 2006, 20:41

my friends know about my unusual (and somewhat odd) obsession with danmark, danish culture, food and music.

with that said. i'm looking for some new music recommendations. even though i don't completely understand danish, i still LOVE music in danish. but i also want to learn of other danish bands. i already have some Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Kashmir, Jokeren, Stainless, Kim Larsen, SAFARI DUO, Juncker, Danseorkestret, Søs Fenger, Tim Christensen, jørgenprinsen, Junior Senior and yes.. i even have Nik & Jay :-)

any other suggestions?


  • nulre

    Wow. Weird. Why do you like Danish culture? An why do you like Nik & Jay? Wow. Mew? The Raveonettes? Saybia? Nephew? Danser med Drenge? ... Aqua :D

    25. Jan. 2006, 21:30
  • tray

    hah. aqua. as for why i like danish culture.. i'm not sure why. i spent 4 months there.. and i met some awesome danes. some of my very close friends are from there... i've been back once more to visit. i plan to go again. and nik og jay.. well.. lets just say i like collecting music that most people don't have. and danish rap is just one of those things that MOST americans don't have :-P

    25. Jan. 2006, 21:33
  • nulre

    I don't even know any Danes who have a Nik og Jay album :D

    25. Jan. 2006, 22:00
  • tray

    i actually have one friend from århus who bought it as a joke. :-)

    25. Jan. 2006, 22:13
  • Donluffe

    i would recommend Mew, Under Byen, Mikael Simpson, Kitty Wu, Psyched Up Janis, epo-555 and Efterklang... Most of them aren't streamable on last.fm, but try them out :)

    1. Feb. 2006, 16:58
  • tray

    awesome. thanks! :-)

    1. Feb. 2006, 18:57
  • Froberg

    Sort Sol The Sandmen Two of the most awesome danish bands in history. Also, why don't you have any Disneyland After Dark on there? Also, where have you been visiting?

    5. Feb. 2006, 15:57
  • Froberg

    Oh, btw - get the album called $tarfucker$ Kim Larsen and others. I also recommend John Mogensen for old-school danish music about life when you aren't a high-flier, and Lone Kellermann!

    5. Feb. 2006, 15:58
  • Froberg

    Oh, Johnny Madsen is excellent as well :)

    5. Feb. 2006, 18:24
  • Froberg

    Oh, Allan Olsen, too :P

    5. Feb. 2006, 18:24
  • manix

    Mew, of course. But also Carpark North are very nice.

    6. Feb. 2006, 0:22
  • Froberg

    My spamming skills are superior! :O

    6. Feb. 2006, 6:37
  • Froberg

    Oh, I recommend Gnags as well =)

    6. Feb. 2006, 17:36
  • tray

    hahah! that's awesome! thanks for all the messages. i was like woah.. lots of new comments :-P

    6. Feb. 2006, 18:22
  • Froberg

    Kind of sad how most of them were from me, because I keep remembering artists. :p

    6. Feb. 2006, 22:29
  • tray

    heh. i'm not complaining :-)

    7. Feb. 2006, 0:09
  • Twaize

    Østkyst Hustlers is a danish must

    8. Feb. 2006, 13:20
  • n_ransome

    As Donluffe, I can recommend Under Byen, Efterklang, epo-555, Mew, kitty Wu and Psyched Up Janis, but also Diefenbach and Kashmir are well worth taking a look at!

    9. Feb. 2006, 23:08
  • n_ransome

    oh... didn't get all the band links in correctly, but I guess you just as well can search last.fm for them (:

    9. Feb. 2006, 23:09
  • Froberg

    Østkyst hustlers are hardly a must, however when we are talking Danish RAP they're very worthwhile. Coolest danish rap band is still Jyder med Attityder JMA :D

    10. Feb. 2006, 3:03
  • annatol

    I'll Recommend Powersolo, Plök (www.plök.dk), Skalar, Magtens Korridorer, Malk De Koijn, D-A-D, Pato, Dub Farlig, Gasolin', Paragraf 119, Kenneth Bager, Spleen United, Mew, Kashmirs old stuff, Love Shop, Oh No Ono, Furillo, Babylove And The Van Dangos, Viva Vertigo. I think that was it

    12. Feb. 2006, 0:31
  • Froberg

    Red Warzawa ;D

    14. Feb. 2006, 22:49
  • iamawickedchild

    under byen, definietly! one of the greatest, most original danish bands in my humble opinion. entakt (www.entakt.mymusic.dk) would be more than worthy checking out, too. especially if you'd like to explore the danish language. these boys transmit it extremely beautifully. the lead singer's voice is quite a treat, too. oh yes. (mymusic.dk is, by the way, a fabulous place to discover new music. it's completely in danish, though.) additionally, antophones, for evigt pasha, jomi massage, kå, traening, veto and utah are all great. but possibly quite hard to get your hands on when you live in the states? oh well. personally, i have a fetish for iceland <3

    24. Feb. 2006, 1:04
  • Froberg

    Natural Born Hippies :o

    25. Feb. 2006, 0:31
  • bergholdt

    Tina Dico (Tina Dickow to us Danes) - http://www.tinadico.com. Interested in Danish jazz? PS: It's Safri Duo not Safari Duo :D

    5. Mär. 2006, 2:13
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