The Black Crowes - Before The Frost...Until The Freeze


31. Aug. 2009, 21:32

Very good work. The album and its individual songs constitute a remarkable piece of American Southern Blues Rock music. The Black Crowes have always followed the slide guitar blues rock mold of the early eighties greats and have done so with more than exciting results. The Crowes have always been a live jam-band. Before The Frost is easily The Black Crowes best effort since Amorica, and stands up with Amorica, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion their debut as some of their best music. "Good Morning Captain", "Appaloosa" and "I Ain't Hiding" wonderful songs. Plus Luther Dickinson adds a lot with his slide guitar playing. Solid bass lines and great lyrics. Great drumming and cool slide guitars. A Classic Crowes Record. A Masterpiece!!!

Good Morning Captain
Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)
Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound, A
I Ain't Hiding
Kept My Soul
What Is Home
Houston Don't Dream About Me
Make Glad
And The Band Played On
Last Place That Love Lives



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