PURE TRANCE 50 Trance Classics on Flux Delux


25. Mär. 2012, 16:49

PURE TRANCE 50 Trance Classics on Flux Delux

RELEASE DATE: 2012-03-19
LABEL: Flux Delux

When it comes to nostalgia, trance music is always high on the list of peoples musical memories.

Whether it was that first hedonistic visit to Ibiza, clubbing and post clubbing with friends and lovers or simply the memory of that initial euphoric rush that you get the first time you heard "that" track thrusting your hands in the air shouting "TUNE"!!

Classic tracks for classic moments and this collection brings 50 of the very best together in one place - ready for you to relive the memories!!

Thomas Datt, Sean Tyas, John O'Callaghan, Graham Gold, Greg Downey, John Askew, they are all here!

This is a collection of the best tracks that were played in the coolest clubs by the biggest DJ's programmed to perfection on this album waiing for you to utter the immortal words "I remember this!!!"

Relive the moment and remind yourself why you feel in love with trance!!!





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