• names

    8. Jun. 2013, 11:06

    There are some bands whose names I love more than their music, but that's ok, I still love them in some capacity.

    - Handsome Boy Modeling School

    - The Thompson Twins

  • Commercial Success

    3. Aug. 2012, 12:16



    - Nicki Minaj - "Masquerade" (Adidas)

    - Alex Clare - "Too Close" (Internet Explorer)

    - fun. - "We Are Young" (Chevy)

    - Rogue Wave - "Lake Michigan" (Zune)


    - Bishop Allen - "Click Click Click" (HP I think?)

    - Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette - "Hello" (Trident Gum and 93859034850435 other commercials)


    - Chilly Gonzales - "Never Stop" (iPad)

    - fun. - "We Are Young" (Chevy) - this song is on both lists because I knew of fun. already, but when I heard this commercial on TV i did NOT know it was them.

  • Thanks SNL

    29. Jul. 2012, 8:23

    Another idea, here are songs that I first heard on SNL and instantly fell in love with and/or introduced me to the artist's other work.

    Bon Iver - Beth/Rest

    Spoon - The Underdog

    Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees)

    Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (I already knew this song, but I REALLY got into it after I saw her perform it on SNL)

    will add more as I remember!

    3. Mär. 2011, 15:04

    Okay, here's another attempt at an idea. Here are artists that I discovered so completely by chance that it must have been FATE. (yes)

    - Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer: I saw one of their albums at Tower Record's closing sale, thought it looked cute and decided to check them out SOLELY from that. I ended up loving them ^__^

    - Chromeo: I was reading the blog of Carl Greenblatt (the creator of Chowder ^_^) and he posted about these fellows. I loved their album cover and I thought "these fellows look like someone I should check out!" and so I did, and I loved them, and now they are like super stars wheeee.

    - Dragonette: Kenny, of Kenny vs. Spenny was selling some t-shirts with his face on them (which I wish I got one D: ) and the myspace page of the store selling them had a Dragonette song playing (as the store primarily sells band merch), and I instantly fell in love with them.

    - Clem Snide: I tuned into Conan one night, about 10 years ago, and caught literally the last 5-10 seconds of their performance. I barely heard anything, but from what I did, I thought "I need to hear more of these guys" and so I checked them out, and they remain to be one of my favorite bands. Probably helped that Eef is not difficult to look at :D

    - Company of Thieves: I recall they had a commercial that was played on Adult Swim maybe ONCE about their new album, and I only sorta paid attention. Then shortly after, I opened Quicktime and saw a promo for one of their music videos in that promo box that opens if you start up the program without opening a file. Anyway, I was interested because of the Rushmore theme, but I ended up loving the song, too, and I ended up loving the rest of their songs as well :D

    - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: WHAT A CLASSIC STORY OF TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL SEES GUY WHO IS 30+ YEARS OLDER THAN HER AND INSTANTLY FALLS IN LOVE ^___^ But yes, not that anyone else will read this, but for posterity: I was watching MTV (or VH1) as a kid, which was not something I normally did, and I remembered the VJ introducing the video, and he said something like, "This dude got so into recording this song that he punched a hole in the wall at the studio!!" I am probably misremembering exactly what he said, but I know it had to do with punching a hole in the wall. I'm PRETTY SURE he was talking about Tom and not some other artist, but who knows :D Anyway, then I watched the video for "You Wreck Me" and the scene where he gets out of the car = <33333

    - Bishop Allen: I was trying to look up information about one of my favorite VH1 reality shows, Charm School, and in doing so, I found the wiki page for the band's album of the same name :D And that is how I discovered them.

    - Hard n' Phirm: For some reason, I was looking for Chipmunk songs on youtube, and I found a chipmunk version of their Pi song, and thought it was awesome, and checked out the rest of their stuff from there!

    - Fitz & the Tantrums: Amazon offered one of their mp3s for free, and BEST EVER SAMPLING EVER I LOVVVVE THMMMMMMMMM

    - Archers of Loaf: Ok, I mainly only like one song of theirs ("Web in Front") but I love it so much that I feel they deserve a mention. I went to a webstore for some girly accessory brand, and they had a music player, and this was the first song on their playlist. Instantly loved it.

    - Janelle Monae: Graham Linehan posted a video on his blog of her on David Letterman, and she impressed me very much.

    - Young Money: Ok, so I was aware of WEEZY, but did not know any of his songs, and I still don't. hahah but anyway, Bust posted about this music video for some reason, and I was like "HAY THAT'S A GREAT POP SONG" the end

    - The Beautiful Losers: Mandi's acquaintance played the music video to "Fairweather Friend" because apparently he knows them/made their website etc. and while none of their other songs jumped out at me, I LOVE this song. Love. And wtf at it NOT BEING AVAILABLE ANYWHERE BUT YOUTUBE. sigh. oh well.

    ok, I've gone through 10 pages of top artists and I'm starting to have a harder time finding artists to list, so I guess it is time to conclude this post.

    ps- OMG I LOVE LAST.FM for putting a "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE?" script on their journal composition pages ;____;

    MORE!!! (added 9/15/14)

    - Future Islands: Noel Fielding posted their performance on Dave's show on twitter and I checked it out and I was forever converted to a fan. I aspire to be as awesome a performer as Samuel T. Herring.

    - Cher LLoyd: Was randomly looking at an X-Factor related video on youtube, and I saw her audition video for X-Factor was one of the related videos, and she looked pretty, so I clicked it. hahah and I was really impressed by her performance!!

    - HAIM: I kept seeing people talk about them and then when I saw Victoria Justice mention she was listening to them I went to check out their album and immediately loved it!
  • top things

    3. Mär. 2011, 14:11

    I was compelled to do a search for various keywords in my itunes.

    Top songs with the word _____ in them:

    Love: The Rocket Summer - So Much Love

    You: Barenaked Ladies - Told You So

    Me: The Darkness - Is it Just Me?

    This is boring. haha I always get these ideas and then they end up not working out :D
  • judging a band by its cover (HAAA)

    4. Feb. 2011, 18:12

    Ok, here's another list:

    Bands I discovered through a cover song they did

    - Max Raabe

    - Walter Sobcek

    - The Rocket Summer

    sheesh barely anything! I stopped at page 7, I'll check more later.

    OK, here is ANOTHER ANOTHER list, this one about ALBUM ART COVERS!! :D

    Band I discovered through literally judging them by their cover:

    - Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer

    - Foxy Shazam

    - Betty Who

    - Dillon Francis

  • thanks [as]

    28. Mai. 2010, 15:14

    I think I will make a list of all the wonderful musicians that [adult swim] has brought to my attention:

    - mc chris
    Thanks to: Sealab 2021

    - Cheeseburger
    Thanks to: Superjail

    - heidecker and wood
    Thanks to: T&EASGJ

    - Unknown Hinson
    Thanks to: Squidbillies

    - Dethklok
    Thanks to: Metalocalypse

  • similar sounds

    26. Feb. 2010, 15:21

    I don't consider myself to be an auditory observer/learner/thinker at all, but sometimes I feel like I pick up on weird cues that no one else seems to notice. Most commonly, song part similarities.

    Here are some of them! (this is boring--also probably completely inaccurate)

    - the drum intro fun.'s Barlights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-yZt4AHe-I reminds me Lady GaGa's Paparazzi's drumbeat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgKrzdaDQMw#t=3m07s

    - the chorus in Goo Goo Doll's Everything You Are http://s0.ilike.com/play#Goo+Goo+Dolls:Dizzy:94714:s1392213.9813171.5953602.0.2.36%2Cstd_34d16a8107e84a1a92bf478bca9be316 sounds like a line in Toad the Wet Sprocket's All I Want (haha also similar lyric) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZpUUrEWnWQ#t=1m57s

    - the chorus to Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU9JoFKlaZ0#t=1m45s (oh god this video just INSISTS upon itself) sounds like the chorus to the Hawaiian Style Band's Love and Honesty's chorus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViULyWyKJrw

    I AM PROBABLY JUST INSANE but my brain somehow makes a connection with these song components.

    I spent way too long on this entry. hahah
  • what's all the hub bub

    29. Sep. 2009, 15:25

    (perhaps I will add more to this entry later)

    You know, I never understood why people had/have such strong opinions for or against Dave Matthews. I really enjoy some of his songs, but I don't really see why people think he is SO SUPER AMAZING nor do I understand why people think his music is for stupid women or douchebag men?? haha I think that he is just a victim of shitty fans.

    Similarly with Coldplay, I don't understand why their image is like, "DEFINING OF A GENERATION!!!" (if I recall correctly, they were the #1 played band on last.fm for 2008?) nor music for yuppies/mainstream pretentious idiots. I really like their old stuff from their first and second album, but after that they changed their sound and I don't really care for them anymore--despite that I don't think they SUCK or anything, but I just don't personally care for them anymore.

    Despite these two examples, there are bands I CAN understand the stark contrast in opinions of, but (for now, at least) I don't think my opinions are that notable to warrant writing them down. haha


    I also don't really understand the hub bub over Jay-Z. This is not to say I don't think he's a talented fellow, but I don't really understand why he's SO highly regarded. (and/or the people who think he is no longer as great as he used to be) I guess because I don't follow the rap world much, I probably don't understand how much of an influence he had/changed the style or whatever from the "gangsta rap" of the 90s to the more complex "flow" that a lot of rappers have now days. Again, this is not to say I don't think he's good at what he does, I just don't understand the super strong opinions.
  • Time Life compilations

    24. Sep. 2009, 1:48

    or musicspace (is that Time Life too? haha) etc.

    I love that I'm reminded of all sorts of songs I used to like from those commercials :D I mean, ok yes duh that's what they're supposed to do, but yes, A WEALTH OF AWESOMELY DUMB SONGS