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TaintThe Sound-Out Competition 25. Jul., 2:26
NickelbackBelieve It or Not 25. Jul., 2:19
QueensrÿcheRevolution Calling 25. Jul., 2:15
Alkaline TrioWe've Had Enough 25. Jul., 2:10
Iron MaidenDrifter 25. Jul., 2:07
SoulflyDownstroy 25. Jul., 2:02
MegadethTrust [Spanish Version][*] 25. Jul., 1:58
MegadethSweating Bullets 25. Jul., 1:53
Die Toten HosenWilli muss ins Heim 25. Jul., 1:47
HoobastankLet It Out 25. Jul., 1:45
KornTwisted Transistor 25. Jul., 1:42
DisturbedVoices 25. Jul., 1:37
MotörheadLouie, Louie 25. Jul., 1:34
Bullet for My ValentineEnd Of Days 25. Jul., 1:31
Limp BizkitTrust? 25. Jul., 1:27
Bon JoviLove For Sale 25. Jul., 1:22
SoilworkDownfall 24 25. Jul., 1:18
Adam and the AntsCan't See Rules About Love 25. Jul., 1:14
Mötley CrüeConfessions 25. Jul., 1:09
Lynyrd SkynyrdYou Got That Right 25. Jul., 1:02
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  • laucadazmier

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    26. Jul. 2011 Antworten
  • austere

    Your musical compatibility with tonkatoy is Very High. Music you have in common includes >>>>My Chemical Romance<<<<, Fall Out Boy, Dead Kennedys, Iron Maiden and Garbage. Obviously we are awesome. HELLO.

    13. Feb. 2011 Antworten

Über mich

I am seriously wired to the red one ( "grab the cat" Riggs from lethal weapon). I can never make a relationship last coz they get annoyed with me doing things I like doing ( just jumping on and off a plane seems to do it too i.e. Parachuting). Along with my beloved fascination with wanting to bungee jump into an erupting volcano as my suicide dream. I am easily led, easily corrupted as i am always looking for that next thrill in life. I am trying my hand at screen plays, writing has always been an interest to me, i have written three books...all unpublished coz i am lazy plus not sure if anyone would like em anyway. I love Rock, metal music have over 1000 different bands in my CD collection so I don't have a pigeon hole for my tastes. I love my DVD's too i don't have a particular favourite but well into Futurama, Randall & Hopkirk, Kevin Smith Films, at moment. I love old cartoons like Thundercats,He-man etc. I read almost anything mainly SAS,thriller types though. I have a son but he lives in Germany with my German ex. I like to have a lot of holidays so travel to other countries when time and job allows but also go to europe every month for a weekend. My Favourite place is not Bahamas, Australia or some other trendy paradise but Iceland the volcanoes they're something else along with the ones in Hawaii. My luck with women is not the greatest in world having turned one into a lesbian, one into a mental home and one into my mates bed...I kid ye not unless you have a seriously disturbed brain you wouldn't come near me with a large fuckin' barge after 3 bottles of Vodka!! If you don't like me "abuse me more I like it" if ya do then ta very moouch
Who I'd like to meet:
it would have to be the whole of Motley Crue in their Wildest that would have been cool. But i would suppose now my ambition is to meet anyone who will give loads of money for my screenplays. It would also be nice to meet that someone special, not sure they are out there but if you are, hey how you doing! oh and if i had my wish too she would be American

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