Deer LeapWe Are Not Who We Are Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
The Endless ObsessionDumbess Lieblingslied August 2012
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Bright EyesFour Winds Lieblingslied Februar 2012
BoyfriendsChobra Son Lieblingslied Februar 2012
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)K.O. K.O. (The Most of My Worries Are the Least of Your Concerns) Lieblingslied Februar 2012
SnowingKirk Cameron Crowe Lieblingslied Februar 2012
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to DieEyjafjallajokull Dance Lieblingslied Februar 2012
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Hot CrossFire The Foundations Lieblingslied Januar 2012
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Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)An Idea Is a Greater Monument Than a Cathedral Lieblingslied Januar 2012
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