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12. Jan. 2006, 3:30

Lots of folks seem to be doing this and it's kinda mildly interesting so I'll give it a shot. I play in shuffle mode all the time so the "most played" catagory basically means nothing in regards to my fav songs.

Total Number of Songs In Library: 13561

Sort By Song Title:
-First Song - '99
-Last Song - ZZQ

Sort By Time:
-Shortest Song: Untitled--0:04
-Longest Song: A Long Day--36:30

Sort By Artist:
-First Artist: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
-Last Artist: Zumpano

Sort By Album Name:
-First Album: 'Round About Midnight--Miles Davis
-Last Album: Zuma

Sorted By Most Played Tracks:*
-Twenty Cell Revolt
-Song Against Sex
-I Saw The Light
-A Magazine Called Sunset

First 5 Sons On Shuffle:
-Free Ride
-Walters Theme
-Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
-Seven Spanish Angels
-Incident at 66.6 FM

Search Results In Title Only:

Sex: 22
Love: 322
You: 938
Death: 35
Hate: 13
Wish: 23


  • tomauto

    lol, that's funny I didn't read anyone else's survey either, but I was really bored! Wilco is my favorite band probably, but I know lots of folks who can't get into them, though I don't understand it:) You may like Neutral Milk Hotel, The Decemberists get compared to em alot, although I think it's a pretty broad comparison. Folky, emotional stuff with a kind of whiny vocal, very low-fi. They have a pretty rabid fan base even though they haven't released a record in years. In the Aeroplane Over The Sea seems to be their best album. Trail of Dead have put out two pretty good albums that if combined without filler would make a great record (Madonna, Source Tags & Codes). I'm not wild about their latest release though. Indie rock would be the best way to describe their stuff I guess. Thue usual kinda poppy rock with lots of guitars. By the way, a good place to get descrips of bands you haven't heard of is I go there a bunch, you need to do alot of research to amass 13,000+ tunes!

    12. Jan. 2006, 4:09
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