Best albums of 2011!!


18. Jun. 2011, 13:48

Wow, what a year! Lots of new stuff out this year which makes this particularly hard... Good times, great music :)

And that being said, this time i'm going to have to start with honourable memntions who didn't make it, so firstly Angus & Julia Stone's B-Sides, rarities and covers album Memories of an Old Friend, mainly misses because it is a B-side album.. Great tunes off this one though and a regular listen for me this year. Adele's 21 also deserves a mention, great songs and a great voice! The Cat Empire's lead vocalist Felix Riebl released his debut solo album this year, Into the Rain and this deserved to be in the top 5 but the rest are just too strong. Florence + the Machine released their second studio album Ceremonials, which missed more than anything as it was a late release date in November, great follow up though. And finally, Gotye's latest offering Making Mirrors, more on Gotye later.

5. Seeker Lover Keeper - Seeker Lover Keeper

Dubbed a 'Supergroup', this album is pretty super! Consisting of Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann, this brings a lot of different sounds to the fore and comes off really well. My fav is definitely Going To Sleep closely followed by Theme I. Other highlights are Bridges Burned, Light All My Lights and On My Own.

4. Together We Were Made - The Feeling

The Feeling's third studio album and i wasn't convinced at first but this has grown on me and is a little jem! They have definitely outdone their last album Join With Us but at the moment it still comes in second behind their debut, Twelve Stops & Home. Outstanding track on this one are Back Where I Came From, Undeniable, Set My World On Fire, Mr Grin, Say no, Leave Me Out Of It & Another soldier.

3. Blue Sky Blue - Pete Murray

Pete Murray's 4th installment is yet another brilliant piece of work. I'm not sure how he does it but he has now made 4 almost perfect studio albums. Highlights are Free, Broken, H.O.L.L.A.N.D., Tattoo Stained, Led, Hurricane Coming, Hold It All For Love, Let You Go and Always A Winner and that's the whole album :-p This is the first year Pete's released an album that hasn't been at the top spot for me, shows how serious this year has been!

2. Psycho Jukebox - Jon Fratelli

Another lead singer gone solo, this time from The Fratellis who split up ages ago, but Jon Fratelli has been busy working on other projects before his debut solo album, like Codeine Velvet Club which I have also been getting into this year (although it doesn't qualify as it was released 2009 :( ). This album however is a beauty. Alot of The Fratellis sound to it and highlights are Baby, We're Refugees!, Santo Domingo, Rhythm Doesn't Make You A Dancer, Give Me My Heart Back McGuire, Sometimes You Just Can't Win & Oh Shangri La to say the least.

1. Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay

Well, what can be said about this album... I would say the most contraversial album of recent times, and not because of anything rude and bad, just so many mixed opinions about the whole thing really, everything from the album cover to the inclusion of Rihanna on one track. Personally I love it, and i think it really has a good mixture of 'old' Coldplay and a bit of experimental stuff that all artists do to progress. Favorites here are Major Minus, Up in Flames, Us Against the World, Charlie Brown, Princess of China (:-O) and Paradise, probably in that order. But the whole album is pretty good but i never understand the little introduction tracks :/ all of the full length tracks are great though.

Right so there we are, tough year with so much coming out, but i think song of the year must be Gotye with his smash Somebody That I Used to Know, awesome tune!


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