Top 5 albums of 1993


11. Mai. 2010, 7:40

#5 So Far So Good - Bryan Adams

I think Bryan Adams is under rated, and i am probably guilty of not listening enough too. Number 5 partly because it's greatest hits compilation as well as having new tracks on it.

#4 Janet - Janet Jackson

Another under rated musician, i think everyone gets caught up with Michael Jackson and forgets he has a talented sister. A few good tracks on this one, If and That's the Way Love Goes are my favorites.

#3 Zooropa - U2

U2 seem to be rather timeless (aside from their latest flop). Some good tunes on this one, the best are Numb and Stay (Faraway, So Close).

#2 Keep The Faith - Bon Jovi

Title track Keep the Faith the highlight on this one for mine, and if i remember rightly i couldn't stop playing it for quite some time. Bed Of Roses is also a good tune.

#1 Automatic for the People - R.E.M.

Fantastic album this one. Everybody Hurts is one of the best ever made, and Drive and Man on the Moon are timeless classic.

A shame to miss out Unplugged by Eric Clapton.

Track of the year: I'd say Ace of Base have to take this honour with All That She Wants, although not making the albums list, this song defined 1993 for me.


  • Timitzi

    Great list :)

    20. Mai. 2010, 19:46
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