• #12Playlists – Festive

    23. Dez. 2014, 22:32

    The final instalment for #12Playlists 2014 and the theme is Festive.

    For me music at this time of year means two things:

    1. Classic (or cheesy depending on your mood/interpretation) Christmas songs that get wheeled out every year.


    2. Loads of end of year lists of best albums, songs, gigs, debuts etc etc. Also known in some quarters as Listmas!

    For 2013 I did a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs.

    Each year I take part in Listmas by compiling my own top 50 albums. So for this playlist i've taken one track from my top 12 albums.

    Warning this playlist is all killer no filler.

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    01 The War On Drugs – Red Eyes
    02 Beck – Morning
    03 The Antlers – Hotel
    04 Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)
    05 FKA twigs – Two Weeks
    06 Wild Beasts – Wanderlust
    07 Real Estate – Talking Backwards
    08 The Acid – Basic Instinct
    09 Jungle – Busy Earnin'
    10 S O H N – Artifice
    11 Childhood – Blue Velvet
    12 Eternal Summers – Gouge

  • My Top 50 albums of 2014

    23. Dez. 2014, 22:11

    Each year I do this I look back I think it's been a great year for music. But this year has been a particularly strong one. I've certainly heard this echoed on quite a few music blogs around the web.

    I have another 40 (no lie) I was considering, but I've left out.

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    So without further ado here are the 50 albums I've enjoyed most this year.

    50 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – I'm In Your Mind Fuzz
    49 Kiasmos – Kiasmos
    48 First Aid Kit – Stay Gold
    47 Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather
    46 Sun Kil Moon – Benji
    45 Emma Ruth Rundle – Some Heavy Ocean
    44 Be Forest – Earthbeat
    43 Mogwai – Rave Tapes
    42 Interpol – El Pintor
    41 Mazes – Wooden Aquarium
    40 Metronomy – Love Letters
    39 Love Inks – Exi
    38 Hospitality – Trouble
    37 Sbtrkt – Wonder Where We Land
    36 Eaux – Plastics
    35 Tops – Picture You Staring
    34 Peaking Lights – Cosmic Logic
    33 Inventions – Inventions
    32 Low Roar – 0
    31 Fear of Men – Loom
    30 Goat – Commune
    29 Merchandise – After The End
    28 Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son
    27 Temples – Sun Structures
    26 Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One
    25 Pure X – Angel
    24 Little Dragon – Nabuma Rubberband
    23 Lemonade – Minus Tide
    22 Woods – With Light and With Love
    21 Todd Terje – It's Album Time
    20 Quilt – Held In Splendor
    19 Alvvays – Alvvays
    18 Mac Demarco – Salad Days
    17 Caribou – Our Love
    16 Woman's Hour – Conversations
    15 Posse – Soft Opening
    14 I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro
    13 La Sera – Hour Of The Dawn
    12 Eternal Summers – The Drop Beneath
    11 Childhood – Lacuna
    10 Sohn – Tremors
    9 Jungle – Jungle
    8 The Acid – Liminal
    7 Real Estate – Atlas
    6 Wild Beasts – Present Tense
    5 FKA Twigs – LP1
    4 Future Islands – Singles
    3 The Antlers – Familiars
    2 Beck – Morning Phase
    1 The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

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    Also check out my previous years:

    My top 50 albums of 2011
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    My top 50 albums of 2013

  • #12Playlists – #11 Dark

    28. Nov. 2014, 19:22

    #12Playlists #11 and the theme is Dark.

    This month i've gone for all tracks with Dark in the title. Also, I've gone for an electro-pop vibe throughout. To top it off i've drawn for a classic mixtape formula: It starts up-beat, goes a bit slower in the middle and picks up again at the end.

    Listen on Spotify here

    1. Phantogram – A Dark Tunnel
    2. Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark
    3. POLIÇA – Dark Star
    4. Mr Twin Sister – Out of the Dark
    5. Kindest Lines – Dark Dream
    6. Woman's Hour – Darkest Place
    7. Nite Jewel – In the Dark
    8. Eaux – Too Dark To Tell
    9. Hot Chip – Made In The Dark
    10. CHLLNGR – Dark Darkness (feat. Teachers)
    11. Tokimonsta – Darkest (Dim)
    12. Solar Bears – A Sky Darkly

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  • #12Playlists – #10 Halloween

    31. Okt. 2014, 0:15

    Today is Halloween and that's theme #10 for #12Playlists.

    I've selected 12 tracks to create a spooky, atmospheric vibe. Perfect for scaring yourself if you're waiting in for trick-or-treaters.

    I dare you to listen to this on your own in pitch black...

    Spotify playlist is here

    1. The Acid – Feed
    2. Forest Swords – Thor's Stone
    3. Aphex Twin – Schottkey 7th Path
    4. Darkside – Metatron
    5. Burial – Loner
    6. Portishead – Mysterons
    7. Björk – Hidden Place
    8. Jon Hopkins – We Disappear
    9. I Break Horses – Berceuse
    10. Liars – Octagon
    11. Oneohtrix Point Never – Power Of Persuasion
    12. Panda Bear – Sheherezade

  • #12Playlists – #9 Space

    10. Sep. 2014, 18:11

    Theme number 9 for #12playlists is Space. I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries for this as there are so many ways to interpret it!

    One day, regular everyday people will travel to space and if that was me (like every other trip I go on) I'd be making a playlist to take with me. So what follows is a selection of music to listen to whilst floating around in a spaceship. Imagine yourself bouncing around, gazing at earth from above. It's entirely inspired by the opening track that, in both its' title and its' beautiful drifting sound, perfectly sums up my concept.

    Listen to this playlist on Spotify

    01 Eluvium – Indoor Swimming At The Space Station
    02 The Seven Fields Of Aphelion – Grown
    03 Grouper – Alien Observer
    04 Stars Of The Lid – Don't Bother They're Here
    05 A Winged Victory for the Sullen – We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year
    06 Global Communication – 14:31
    07 Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station
    08 Sand Circles – Descending Into Space
    09 Boards of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
    10 Stumbleine – Solar Flare
    11 Com Truise – Space Dust
    12 David Bowie – Space Oddity

  • #12Playlists – #8 Carnivals & Festivals

    23. Aug. 2014, 8:59

    It's August and our eighth theme for #12playlists is Carnivals & Festivals.

    In just 2 weeks I'll be at Festival No. 6. As with most festivals nowadays "it's not just about the music". But with Festival No. 6 I think that statement might be genuinely true.

    Festival No. 6 is in Portmeirion village in Wales. In a nutshell it was built between 1925 and 1975 and it's in the style of a small Italian village. It's mad.

    Each day they have a carnival celebration in the main village piazza with lots of costumes and crazy drummers...

    Anyway enough advertising. Here's my playlist made up of some of the lesser known bands that I'm really looking forward to at Festival No. 6


    1. Childhood 'Blue Velvet'
    Taken from their debut album 'Lacuna' released just the other week. This is one of my favourite new bands for this year.

    2. The Acid 'Fame'
    This might be my favourite electronica release this year. Another really strong debut album.

    3. Gengahr 'She's a Witch'
    With only a few demo tracks to their name, there's not much info around about these guys but they sound great.

    4. John Wizards 'Iyongwe'
    Hailing from South Africa, with an MC he met on the street! His album is so much fun to listen to.

    5. Eagles For Hands 'Glass Heart'
    One of the later night acts. Bringing the garage vibes back.

    6. All We Are 'Feel Safe'
    Really liking this lazy/dreamy pop sound. One of many new bands coming out of Liverpool at the moment.

    7. Panes 'Bones Without You'
    A new London/Stockholm duo. They played Field Day the other month.

    8. Aquilo 'You There'
    Another duo but this time from the Lake District. Super soothing.

    9. Tiny Ruins 'Reasonable Man'
    One of the more established bands on this playlist. This is from their second album. They make a beautiful folky sound.

    10. Vaults 'Premonitions'
    There's a fair bit of buzz surrounding this band online at the moment. Proper electro pop. They've been signed to the same label as Chvrches and Haim.

    11. Arthur Beatrice 'Midland'
    Given the right radio play this band could be massive. File next to London Grammar, The xx et al.

    12. Bird 'I Am The Mountain'
    I'm really excited about this band. I probably should have put them first on this playlist. Another from Liverpool. Can't get enough of their debut album 'My Fear and Me' released earlier this year.


  • #12Playlists – #7 World Cup

    31. Jul. 2014, 18:56

    This month's #12Playlists theme was the World Cup.

    I must admit I'm in awe of this history of the world cup playlist by @paulnew.

    Completely stuck for ideas, I remembered that during the pre-tournament hype I got all excited and put together a cheeky playlist of Brazilian music I love. So without further ado, here it is officially submitted as my entry for this month.

    Don't worry there's no "Mas Que Nada"


    1. Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba
    2. Antônio Carlos Jobim feat. Elis Regina – Águas De Março
    3. Gilberto Gil – Expresso 2222
    4. Baden Powell – Canto De Ossanha
    5. Cartola – Preciso me encontrar
    6. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 – Upa Neguinho
    7. Astrud Gilberto – Agua De Beber
    8. Toquinho – Carta ao Tom 74
    9. João Gilberto – Outra Vez
    10. Caetano Veloso – O Leãozinho
    11. Stan Getz – Corcovado
    12. Jorge Ben Jor – Xica Da Silva

  • #12Playlists – #6 Money

    1. Jul. 2014, 22:15

    So June’s #12Playlists theme was RAGE. Tom absolutely nailed the angry guitar thing with his playlist. I had also planned to do something similar but there’s no chance I’d have picked a selection as fierce as his!

    So, with my tail between my legs, I’ve gone to the deepest darkest depths of my Spotify playlists and drawn for some experimental electronica.

    This is music with a serious attitude problem.


    1. Raim ‘Passed Over Trail’
    2. Actress ‘Wrong Position’
    3. Holden ‘The Inheritors’
    4. oOoOO ‘Mouchette’
    5. The Haxan Cloak ‘The Drop’
    6. Boards Of Canada ‘Semena Mertvykh’
    7. Liars ‘Octagon’
    8. Daniel Avery ‘These Nights Never End’
    9. Zomby ‘Tears In The Rain’
    10. Burial ‘Loner’
    11. Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’
    12. Fuck Buttons ‘The Red Wing’

  • #12Playlists – #5 Money

    25. Mai. 2014, 18:27

    The theme for May is Money – inspired by the multiple bank holidays in the UK.

    Again I've kept it simple as all the tracks in my selection have money related titles and/or lyrics.

    So without further ado:

    Listen to my Money playlist on Spotify

    1. Common ‘A Penny For My Thoughts’
    My opening selection hits the money related theme with it’s track title and album name. It was released on Common’s (hugely underrated) debut album from 1992, ‘Can I Borrow a Dollar?’

    2. Eric B & Rakim ‘Paid In Full’
    From the album of the same name ‘Paid in Full’ is another debut album. Released in 1987 it’s heralded as one of the great hip hop albums of it’s era. Living up to it’s name, Eric B actually filed a lawsuit against the label as he felt they hadn’t been fully paid for the release!

    3. Slum Village ‘Get Dis Money’
    The album was initially completed in 1998 for A&M records but the label went bust before it was released. A few years later it eventually came out in 2000 on Goodvibe Recordings. J Dilla masterminding the production.

    4. Median ‘What Would You Do?’
    If handed a million?

    5. A Tribe Called Quest ‘I Left My Wallet In El Segundo’
    A story about how Q-Tip is distracted by an attractive woman and forgets his wallet before they leave a restaurant. I guess phone-keys-wallet didn’t exist back in 1990.

    6. Kelis feat. Andre 3000 ‘Millionaire’
    Kelis and Andre explain how money isn’t everything:
    “Mama I'm a millionaire but I feel like a bum”

    7. Madvillain ‘Money Folder’
    Released to huge critical acclaim, this another record from a debut album.

    8. Madlib ‘Get Dollaz (247)’
    A short and sweet message from Madlib

    9. Dudley Perkins ‘Dolla Bill’
    Dudley sounds like he might actually have unhealthy obsession.

    10. Wu-Tang Clan ‘C.R.E.A.M’
    This might be stating the obvious but C.R.E.A.M. stands for: Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

    A bona-fide hip hop classic.

    11. The O’Jays ‘For The Love of Money’
    According to Wikipedia the lead singer of the O'Jays, Eddie Levert, once complained that in the years since the song became a hit, its message has been spun into one of pro-idolatry and not of awareness and self-control.

    12. Antibalas ‘Dirty Money’
    Antibalas are twelve-piece afrobeat collective from New York. When you’ve got that many members in a band it can never be about the money, can it?

    Listen to my Money playlist on Spotify

  • #12Playlists – #4 Sleep

    28. Apr. 2014, 18:31

    Normally I post playlists at the start of the month but, given the theme, I thought I'd better sleep on this one :)

    This month I'm keeping it simple. A straight up collection of guitar led songs with sleep (or at least trying to sleep) related titles.

    I'm kind of hoping this will do anything but send you to sleep.

    Listen to my sleep related playlist on Spotify

    1. The Dodos – Sleep
    2. Les Savy Fav – Sleepless In Silverlake
    3. Moon Duo – Sleepwalker
    4. Everything is made in China – Sleepwalking
    5. Deerhunter – Sleepwalking
    6. Sea Lions – I Should Be Sleeping
    7. Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute
    8. Crocodiles – Sleep Forever
    9. Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
    10. Weird Dreams – Hypnagogic Lullaby
    11. Mac Demarco – Dreaming
    12. Angel Olsen – Sweet Dreams

    Listen to my sleep related playlist on Spotify