Suede's Coming Up is probably their best


8. Apr. 2007, 11:16

Manohman :(

Songs like Trash, Beautiful Ones, and Lazy might be their trademark and this is the album that got me into Suede back in the old days.

Lazy is so amazing it makes me cry when i listen to it! SuedeComing UpLazy


  • serdarius

    their best album is coming up .

    9. Apr. 2007, 21:44
  • Ihatemusic

    ich mag beautiful ones. Das kurze ding von Lazy klingt... nett.

    5. Mai. 2007, 15:21
  • damonhendrix

    eventhrough i listen to more Dog Man Star, i love Coming Up differently, coz it's my first Suede album. By the Sea is my pick.

    22. Mai. 2007, 10:24
  • summertimeblues

    even though i really enjoyed 'coming up' when it originally came out, in my opinion, i still think its their 3rd best though. but i love the chemistry between us, by the sea, picnic by the motorway, and saturday night - i must've played that last one over and over again. other personal favs include so young, moving, and the drowners from the debut.

    22. Nov. 2007, 4:17
  • pablobunnyman


    8. Mai. 2008, 18:30
  • SvenHoek

    def their best, yes.

    5. Jun. 2008, 15:10
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