10 new song videos - Pete Gioconda - Red House Sessions


13. Okt. 2010, 22:23

Videos of the Pete Gioconda - Red House Sessions, Bristol, Nov 2009 (just before Pete left the city) - are newly edited and up on YouTube. Links from Last FM, MySpace, Facebook, etc, or go to channel at:

Pete Gioconda on YouTube

They are ten live acoustic performances which give a good taste of Pete Gioconda's live set from late 2009 (when "The Wild Heart of Summer", "Union True", "Twitch Doctor" and "I ain't a Teenager No More" were still quite new).

The Red House Sessions also include six impassioned live performances by Doc Satori, who will be uploading his to YouTube this coming weekend. Check them out ...

Doc Satori on YouTube


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