Why the hell is Kid A so low?

    26. Nov. 2010, 21:36
  • Hulkpool

    Kid A should be number one.

    27. Nov. 2010, 8:27
  • masvidal90


    29. Nov. 2010, 0:08
  • psychoweb

    I find this chart inspiring. I already know some of the artist/album you written about and I like them (Johnny Cash, Tool, Muse, Portishead, Sigur Ros), but I think I'm gonna listen to the others. Thanks ;)

    29. Nov. 2010, 19:50
  • elephantsong


    3. Dez. 2010, 14:00
  • Taki90

    nice list,but obviously Kid A > In Rainbows !

    7. Dez. 2010, 14:59
  • WeirdoRipper

    youre obviously insane...seek help immediately before you do yourself and others harm...please

    9. Dez. 2010, 22:45
  • Simon_FM

    the three songs mentioned as 'bogging' down the moon and antartica happen to be the three that make it work the most.

    15. Dez. 2010, 22:17
  • EV-angEL-Coup

    Well written and a good read even though I don't like all the music you do. How long did this take?

    18. Dez. 2010, 12:43
  • CaptainGaylord

    yeah, great job dude. this was a fantastic read

    8. Jan. 2011, 16:13
  • OCD4CDz

    I don't agree with everything here but I like that you have a wide variety, it is a little heavy on male indie artists ESPECIALLY in the top 10 and lacking in Metal but otherwise good, could've had a Neko Case, Regina Spektor, Mars Volta record in there but I love that you put Kala instead of Arular in the list, b/c its the superior MIA record imo. Good stuff.

    30. Jan. 2011, 4:38
  • tjd9

    Wow, this was a labor of love. Thanks for putting this together.

    20. Jun. 2011, 19:44
  • shug94

    Yeah, good work bro. Just one correction, Julian Casablancas has a few roles in The Strokes, but guitarist isn't one of them.

    5. Okt. 2011, 6:35
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