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5. Apr. 2008, 0:38

Benga & Coki
Night (4)
Its dupstep with some nice little jungle nods and a woozy slighter slower feeling bpm. The bass is true and will drag you down into the mud with it when you need to keep you head down and out of sight.
Drumz West (4)
Sounds like a wrong helicopter on methadone. Sweeet.
Emotions (3)
Lacks the slow heavy punch of the first two tracks but three time organ chords give a sense of seeing a Blackpool funfair in slow reverse. Or something.

Thom Yorke
And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix) (2.5)
This is good but not great. And it should have been great damn it. Burial should have ripped the song apart and given us a sparse mix instead of this cluttered offering. Its still good. But...
Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) (2)
Another mix that never intrigues except for the cool haunted sighing that slips by. Not the greatest.
Analyse (Various Remix) (2)
We know how to glitch up vocals and we are not afraid to repeat the trick. Who did this one then ey?

Fucked Up
Year Of The Pig (2)
[track artist=Fucked Up]The Black Hats/track] (2.5)
OK, I listened to these a few weeks back and I have no intention of listening to them again at half one in the morning, so, from memory, these tracks are Ronsealian in their reflection of band name and interesting, challenging but no moments of joy. Not sure who they sound like; Black Dice crossed with Jesus Lizard? That's probably way off... Fuck it.

Utah Saints U U U Utah Saints
[track artist=Utah Saints]Something Good '08 (Van She Tech Mix)[/track] (2)
Van She did wonders with Klaxons but there's no magic touch here. Seriously, the original is untouchable. Shame that wasn't included on the EP (or is it on the CD?) - good memories of Glastonbury from some distant year. Where's the bass line gone? Sacrilege I tells you.
And seriously, record manufacturers, top tip; make the holes in the record middle big enough to fit over the pin thing on a deck. Every time they are too small Mike at The Exchange fades a bit more from the photo on your wall. Soon he will disappear.

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