HAVES: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music: splits/comps


18. Nov. 2010, 3:00

1. This is a journal containing bands and albums I have recordings from on my computer. Though I try to support local music as best as I can by attending shows and buying albums, not all of this music I am in direct physical possession of through purchase.
2. Not all of the bands below are directly from the KC/Lawrence area. Other cities and towns I keep in this collection are Topeka, KS, Columbia, MO, Wichita, KS, Warrensburg, MO, Manhattan, KS, and a few other, more rural areas of the region. Essentially, it contains everything east of and including Wichita in Kansas, and everything west of and including Columbia in Missouri.
3. In addition to the previous point, you will notice that not all of the bands here are current residents of the region. Many bands (Mates of State, White Rabbits, etc.) unfortunately decided to move away to a larger metro area. Others (The Appleseed Cast, Namelessnumberheadman), were started in different regions and then relocated here at some point, usually early in their career. Basically, if a band has at one time called this region their home, they will be put in this list. I'm not really sure where to draw the line as far as former KC residents go, i.e. if a single musician from the area moves to a new region and then starts new bands, making an entirely new career for themselves. Brandon Butler is a prime example of this.
4. Even though not all of the bands on the splits or compilations listed are locals, I will be tagging them regardless.
5. Any album folders listed as 'various' simply means it contains random tracks from the band, which could be anywhere from 1 to 10 songs, usually closer to the former.
6. If you have something that is related to the list below that I may not know about (or don't have in the wants post), PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. Aside from the albums you see listed, I am also searching for live sets from local bands, or scrapped demo tracks, etc. I am a completest, in the truest sense.
7. If you are in a band listed here and came across this journal by doing an internet search for your band's name, and wish to contact be but do not have a last.fm account, I can be reached on Facebook or Twitter.

Any questions, just post here and I will do my best to answer them. I do not run a blog, though I may start one. If you are interested in the things in this list then check back often because it gets updated extremely frequently, depending on what I can find either on the internet, in record and cd stores, or at live performances.

various - just another pop album: the titan sampler (1979)


will get around to tagging these later:
various - crossroads summer block party samplers (2013) (hidden pictures, millions of boys, opossum trot, oils, akkilles, shy boys, fullbloods, cowboy indian bear)

various - high dive spring sampler (2013) (shy boys, ghosty, fourth of july, the acbs)

various - kc psychfest 2013 sampler (2013) (your reflection, snake island, bloodbirds, karma vision, expo '70, aaron martin, gemini revolution, monta at odds, cj boyd, metatone, the conquerors)

various - kcmo all freak, no leash (2013) (all blood, eunuch, dirty work, nature boys, bummer, no master, meat mist, keef mountain, lazy, aphorism, bloodbirds, scammers, regret, the informer, dark ages, torben, faultfinder, mosquito bandito, night moves, robert plant's dingleberry, boreas, abbot)

various - midcoast takeover 2013 (2013) (sons of great dane, schwervon!, sleepy kitty, white girl, a silent film, reach, rev gusto, drew black & dirty electric, radkey, six percent, david hasselhoff on acid, various blonde, architects, we are voices, appropriate grammar, cadillac flambe, clairaudients, adam lee & the dead horse company, cherokee rock rifle, not a planet, the conquerors, troubadour dali, david george & a crooked mile, rumblejetts, amy farrand, she's a keeper, quiet corral, olassa, tiny horse, eyelit, spirit is the spirit, fullbloods, soft reeds, jorge arana trio, vertigone & billy johnson & mike mcgrath, les izmore, antennas up, cowboy indian bear, the dead girls, the empty spaces, deco auto, the latenight callers, the blue boot heelers, hidden pictures, the noise fm)

various - midwestern audio (2012) (antennas up, everyday/everynight, molly picture club, soft reeds, grand marquis, hearts of darkness, reach, be/non, monta at odds, the latenight callers, diverse, mr. marco's v7, the conquerors, cowboy indian bear, quiet corral, she's a keeper, eyelit, howard iceberg and the titanics, the blackbird revue, appropriate grammar, thee water moccasins, the acbs, the empty spaces, schwervon!, the brannock device, the beautiful bodies, the dead girls, deco auto, the quivers, the grisly hand, dollar fox, cadillac flambe, the atlantic, hammerlord, expo '70, umberto, akkilles, la guerre, gemini revolution, hidden pictures, tiny horse, apples for archers, minden)

various - ownlife records_ we must all hang together... (2006) (the bubble boys, bent left, 12 ton, the willmotts, pro victis, agent 5-9, a+ attitude, third grade scuffle, ktp, humanifesto, one jack short, stackers, the afterhours, the akanes, the stereo types, the havok on polaris, the basicks, don't die, running potatoes, the rivals, bright young hopefuls, always rushing by, 20 trenched)

various - rsd four-way split (2012) (pulse emitter, date palms, expo '70, faceplant)

various - westend comp vol. 1 (2013) (making movies, ghosty, mon e.g., the acbs, the pedaljets, the goodfoot, the sexy accident, brokenmast, cher uk, chris hazelton, mary bridget davies, dale mccoy, gentleman savage, missouri homegrown, shiner)


split - Aaron Martin & Part Timer (2009) (topeka, ks & australia)
split - Almost Serious & only words last (2012)
split - The Anniversary & Hot Rod Circuit (2000)
split - The Anniversary & Superdrag (2001)
split - Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk & Boo and Boo Too (2008)
split - Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk & The Pharmacy (2010)
split - Bent Left & Half Raptor (2011)
split - Boys Life & Christie Front Drive (1995)
split - Boys Life & Giant's Chair (1996)
split - Boys Life & Secular Theme (1994)
split - Boys Life & Vitreous Humor (1994)
split - Breaker Morant & amputee set (1998) (columbia)
split - Breakups & Sex Offenders
split - The Casket Lottery & Hot Water Music (2002)
split - The Casket Lottery & Small Brown Bike (2002)
split - Coalesce & Boy Sets Fire (2000)
split - Coalesce & The Get Up Kids (2000)
split - Cocknoose & Buzzcrusher
split - Cowboy Indian Bear & It's True (2010)
split - Cretin 66 & Parlay
split - C V L T S & Goodwillies (2011)
split - C V L T S & Virgin Spirit (2012)
split - dime sack dan & No One Man Band (2013) (kansas city & france)
split - El Minotaur & Tunes for Bears to Dance To (2006) (springfield & florida)
split - The Esoteric & Luddite Clone (live at cbgb's) (2002)
split - Expo '70 & Ancient Ocean (2012) (kansas city & brooklyn, ny)
split - Expo '70 & Be Invisible Now! (2008)
split - Expo '70 & Brainworlds (2011)
split - Expo '70 & Comoros
split - Expo '70 & Plankton Wat (2013)
split - Expo '70 & Rahdunes (2008)
split - Expo '70 & SXBRS (2003)
split - flattery leads to ruins & Eyes of the Betrayer (2003)
split - The Get Up Kids & Braid (2001)
split - The Get Up Kids & Rocket from the Crypt (2001)
split - The Get Up Kids & The Anniversary
split - Giant's Chair & Ethel Meserve (2001)
split - Gunfighter & Traindodge (2002)
split - Hearts of Darkness & The Good Foot (2012)
split - The Hefners & Schwarz (1997)
split - Hospital Ships & The Hips (2012)
split - Intracranial Butchery & Plerosis (2010) (columbia, mo & madison, wi)
split - Jabberjosh & Waxeater (2010)
split - Jesus Corpus & Innards Decay & Pus Vomit (2007)
split - Jorge Arana Trio & Ambulants (2013)
split - Jumbo's Killcrane & Rumplestiltskin Grinder (2003)
split - The Life and Times & Nueva Vulcano (2006)
split - Lion House & D'Wayne Gretzky (2012)
split - Lizards Have Personalities & Adaje (2012) (kansas city & memphis, tn)
split - Main Street Saints & Antagonizers (2005)
split - Main Street Saints & Terminus City
split - Man Bear & Slum Party (2013)
split - Molly McGuire & Iron Rite Mangle (1995)
split - Molly McGuire & Season to Risk (1999)
split - Molly McGuire & Shiner (1994)
split - Mr. Marco's V7 & Sandoval
split - Mythical Beast & Pocahaunted (2007)
split - Mythical Beast & Pocahaunted (bonus cs) (2007)
split - Oroku & Gammits Make War (2005)
split - Proudentall & The Anniversary (1998)
split - Prozac Memory & Back Of Dave (1994) (columbia & alton, il)
split - Reflector & Recess Theory
split - Reflector & The Casket Lottery (1999)
split - Ricky Fitts & Eyes Of Verotika (wichita & omaha)
split - Rock Over London & Nineteen
split - Saved By Grace & The Esoteric (2002)
split - Shiner & The Farewell Bend (1998)
split - Sister Mary Rotten Crotch & Terminus City
split - Sister Mary Rotten Crotch & The Rolemodels (2002)
split - Soft Lighting & Brothertiger (2012)
split - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin & Puzzle (2008) (columbia)
split - Sucked Dry & Sick Bros (2008)
split - Tenderloin & Supersuckers
split - Texas Instruments & Bottle Rocket (2009)
split - Tommy Donoho & Justin Penney (2012)
split - Truck Stop Love & Action Man (1996)
split - Ultimate Fakebook & The Stereo (1999)
split - Vehicle Blues & Trudgers
split - the vexed & Suburban Scum
split - White Slave & Meat Mist (2011)
split - Wormwood & Fall of the Bastards (2003)
split - Wormwood & Teen Cthulhu (2003)
split - Wormwood & The Esoteric (2003)

various - 15 years of kansas city spirit (1998) (The Black Water, The Bubble Boys, Cooker, Exit 159, The Glitter Kicks, Grovel, Julia Surrendered, Ultimate Fakebook, Afrique, BCR, Common Ground, deepa reality, Green Card, The Messengers, Murder City Players, S.D.I., cotton candy & so many men, the dave stephens swing quartet, Eugene Smiley, Fast Johnny Ricker, King Alex & The Untouchables, Lonnie Ray Blues Band, Loose Cannon, Uptown Rulers, al pearson, Everette Devan, Queen Bey, Sonny Kenner, Wayne Hawkins, Will Matthews, zoe & the mofoes)

various - 72 musicians film soundtrack (2010) (live tracks from: The Life and Times, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Olympic Size, Roman Numerals, The Architects, White Whale, The Stella Link, In The Pines, Sal Retta, Namelessnumberheadman, The Appleseed Cast, Coalesce)

various - a caulfield compilation 7" (1993) (Sideshow, Germbox, Mercy Rule, Molly McGuire)

various - bathtime: the missouri music compilation (2009) (cpt. diarrhea, Nonreturner, Burger Kingdom, Haii Usagi, Spidermums, I Love You, The Make Outs, In Dark Trees, Bright Young Things, Ursus Arctos, Prize Wolf, Jumbling Towers, Ptarmigan)

various - cheap beer (2011) (Up the Academy, Fag Cop, Nature Boys, Mouthbreathers, Major Games, Muscle Worship, The Dactyls, Der Todesking, Jabberjosh, Rooftop Vigilantes, Dark Ages, Dry Bonnet, The Spook Lights, The Hips, This Is My Condition)

various - chevy music showcase kansas city, season 1 (2012) (Maps For Travelers, David Burchfield and The Great Stop, Sons of Great Dane, The Dead Girls, Making Movies, The Silver Maggies, Margo May, Soft Reeds)

various - chomp womp compilation vol. one (2008) (Coat Party, Oregon As A Shape, The Armory, Thunderous Olympian, Ree-Yees, Visualizer, bandit teeth, I Love You, bodisartha, The Spread Eagles, Norrit, This Is My Condition, Cog, Vehicle Blues, Weather Is Happening, UMBROS, Boo and Boo Too, Treetooth, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk)

various - chompilation: chomp womp comp vol. tew (2008) (Sewn Leather, Benny Stoofy, Rooftop Vigilantes, Pictureplane, Weird Wounds, Norrit, Hairy Belafonte, The Kite Tails, bandit teeth, Boo and Boo Too, Thoughtforms, Alas, Alak, Alaska!, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Blue(ish))

various - comomusic anthology 1990-2005 #1 2CD (The Sultans, The Doxies, The Pows, Untamed Youth, Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir, Revelators, Sofa Kit XL, Prozac Memory, Mahjongg, D*Tch W*Tch, The Starkweathers, the secretaries, East Ash, Kingdom Flying Club, Ramsay Wise & The Skirmish, Catalina, The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous, the One Inch Punch, Jon Sheffield, The Incontinentals, Billy Schuh & The Foundry, Oh*Yeah, Bockman's Euphio, Keith Is My TV, Fugitive Kind, Missouri Sex Offenders, Duckgurl & Chickenboy, Trailhead, Animal Family (feat. Mc Cat Genius), Breaker Morant, Slugtrail, Nightmare Sisters, The Bubba Factor, Stands With A Twist, amputee set, Eugenics Council, Swamp Fuck, Northerns, The Paradise Vending, Company Men) (columbia)

various - comomusic anthology 1990-2005 #2 2CD (Wes Wingate, Witch's Hat, Kingdom Flying Club, Makeout!, Sofa Kit XL (with Ramsay Wise), Trebuchet, Joe Stickley's Blue Print, The Follow, At Proper Distance, The Passion, Reckless Sleepers, The Doxies, Frustrated Bachelors, The Shades, In Thicket, Brotha Jinx, The C3 Psychoto-Electro Arkestra, The Goodeggs, Firefly Alliance, Felix, Untamed Youth, Monte Carlos, Sabertooth, Miami Dragons, Arpad Leen, The Carters, Cripplers, Yuba, California, Stout, Radish Wizard, Digiki (feat. Mc Cat Genius), Mark Speckman, The People's Republic of Klezmerica, Bald Eagle, product 19, Mid-West Murder Society, Princess, Speeddrill, THINLINE, The Souls, Hot Carla, Tiny Pants, Finneous Gauge, Holy Frog) (columbia)

various - cough it up! the hairball story (1995) (The Prissteens, King Trash, Dracomagnet, Rotgut Remnants, Draco Zoom Mongol Ramblers, Coffee House Bums, Justin Bond, Spam Skinners, Panel Donor, The Eudoras, Todd Newman, Arthur Dodge, Tawnya Lorae, Mark Henning, William S. Burroughs, Chubby Smith 5, Tank Farm, hot august night)

various - dandercroft local music comp (2005) (onemilliontinyjesuses, Hairy Apes BMX, The Dark Circles, Bellweather, The String & Return, The James Dean Trio, In The Pines, Camper Van Beethoven, Chad Rex, Pornhuskers, man will fail, minds under cover, Pewep in the Formats, Ces Cru, Actors&Actresses)

various - dandercroft zine comp (Be/Non, Unstoppable Thought Leopards, Overstep, The Storied Northwest, Shots Fired, Season to Risk, minds under cover, the Hot Children, Honeywagen, Cody Wyoming and the Golden Hearted Whores, Tommy Lift, As Memphis Burns, Forrest Whitlow and The Crash, The Hearers)

various - das kompilation (2006) (columbia) (Das Karnival, Shirrell C. Limes and the Lemons, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Foundry Field Recordings, Bockman, Kim Chi, Witch's Hat, Mark Speckman, Monte Carlos, The Doxies, Duckgurl & Chickenboy, Taylor Bacon, Julie McGeorge & Friends, Black$mith, Jerusalem and the Starbaskets, Bald Eagle, Ellie Come Home, No Tengo Amigos, Bum with a Dog, Missouri Sex Offenders, Kingdom Flying Club, Paradise Vending)

various - datura datloads ii (Joseph Random, Akrobatik, Josh Powers, Fur1ous, Mac Lethal, Ces Cru, The Guild, Deep Thinkers, Johnny Quest, Alias, SoundsGood (ft. Mac Lethal and Godemis), Spitball, Profit, E.V.A.C., Archetype, Rasco, Mad Awkward, Human CropCircles)

various - datura datloads iii (The R.E. (Krisna Best), Beatbroker (ft. Brother Of Moses), Been (ft. ID), Tajai, Opio, Clever Reverend, A Plus, Mac Lethal, Equalibrium, Leonard DStroy (credited as Leonard D. Stroy, ft, Joe Good and DJ Sku), Caural, Sound Defects, Johnny Quest, Al Japro, Miles Bonny, Mayday, Paramount (ft. Jak Progresso), Mad Awkward, REACH, Nezbeat, Stik Figa (credited as Stik Figga))

various - djg was here (2011) (Elevator Division, The Tambourine Club, Mailorder Midgets, Max Justus, David Seume, Konnor Ervin, Djg & Ctj, Darling At Sea, Mammal Moon, Kris Wolfe, Quarry House, The Elms, Roman Numerals, Lee Bozeman, Dan Billen, Chad Thomas Johnston, Chad Thomas Johnston + Sarah Golden Aylward, Neatly Knotted, Mannequin Skywalker, Little Birds of Los Angeles, State Bird, Primary Structures, Jonathon Smith, Sam Billen, The ACB's, Ruairidh Anderson, feedbackarach, Namelessnumberheadman, Builder, Micah Buzan, Beau Jennings, Bryan Lamanno, Pro & Contra, Thom Hoskins)

various - feast of the sybarites (1993) (Zoom & Brian Marshall, Scott Hartley, Kill Creek, Trouble in Mind, Panel Donor, Hum, FROM, Bully Pulpit, Truck Stop Love, Dis, Dracomagnet, Sufferbus, Bonus-Pail, Travis, Transylvania 2000, Howard Iceberg and The Titanics, Compound Red, Rise, Dogtooth Violet, jeff smith & his all star karoke band (featuring the ten-high horns))

various - first blood: an oxblood records compilation (2007) (Be/Non, Republic Tigers, Roman Numerals, Softee, Olympic Size, American Catastrophe, The Pedaljets, Ssion, Architects, Namelessnumberheadman, Ghosty, In The Pines, LOVERS IN TRANSIT, The Golden Republic, Acousma, White Whale)

various - fountains of folly, vol. I: songs of sin and salvation from kansas city and beyond (2009) (Bent Left, The Rich Boys, The Gusto, The Sixteens, Fists Up!, Hopeless Destroyers, Mati Mat, Red Kate, Roberta Sparrow, Sons of Great Dane, The Brokedowns, Under the Black Sails, Order 66, Fairbanks, Opossum Trot, Red City Radio, Bombs Over Broadway, Bandit Sound, Them Damned Young Livers)

various - fountains of folly, vol. II (2010) (Under the Black Sails, Red Kate, Marc Shipley, Mati Mat, Mr. History, Bent Left & Friends, Cadillac Flambe, Smash The State, Hipshot Killer, Them Damned Young Livers, Opossum Trot, Red Arbour, Valency, Bombs Over Broadway)

various - fountains of folly, vol. III (2010) (The Disappeared, Jetty Boys, Cutthroat Shamrock, Them Damned Young Livers, Teenage Rehab, Rattletooth, Roberta Sparrow, Hot Dog Skeletons, Blue Boot Heelers, Dandelion Snow, New Lost Souls, Opossum Trot, Under the Black Sails, Smash The State, ((Thorlock)), Various Blonde, Marc Shipley, Pericles, KTP, The Honor System, Black for a Second, Everything Went Black, James Christos, Bent Left, The Wifflers, The Haddonfields)

various - fountains of folly, vol. IV (2011) (Half Raptor, Action Figure, The Haddonfields, Them Damned Young Livers, Drop A Grand, The New Riddim, Fullbloods, The Outta Styles, The Good Foot, Sons of Great Dane, Bent Left, Roberta Sparrow, Star Fucking Hipsters, Oriole Post, Mr. History, The Garrison, Whiskey Breath, Various Blonde, The Disappeared, Smash The State, Future Kings, Cherokee Rock Rifle, Red Kate, The Uncouth)

various - fountains of folly, vol. V (2012) (The Right Here, Roberta Sparrow, Cadillac Flambe, Bombs Over Broadway, Bulletproof, Appropriate Grammar, The Killigans, The Passtimes, Hopeless Destroyers, The Disappeared, Bent Left, The Rackatees, Mr. History, Half Raptor, Rich & Uncle Pennybags, El Canero, Smash The State, The Outta Styles, Pizza Party Massacre, Cowgirl's Train Set)

various - fresh sounds from middle america #5 (1989) (Homestead Grays, The Catherines, The MaHoots, The Backsliders, The Wilmas, Ultraviolets, Schloss Tegal, w.m. burroughs, Kill Whitey, killing drum, Joe Worker, Second Chance, Klusterfux, Hayseeds, Kill Creek, 2-mile death plunge, Ultraman, 2 Car Family)

various - fresh sounds from the underground (2008) (Transmittens, Suzannah Johannes, Mammoth Life, The Armory, Stik Figa, Der Todesking, The Kite Tails, Frederick and the Six Angry Telephones, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Norrit, The Snuggle Bugs, Greg Enemy, Dream Lovers, Cowboy Indian Bear, Da Volunteers, Def Ear, Hawley Shoffner)

various - golden sound records- deep cuts and lost classics (2011) (Jerad Colton Tomasino, Oriole Post, Fullbloods, Honey & Darling, Ross Brown, Everyday/Everynight)

various - innate sounds crew: alpha (2008) (various tracks and mixes featuring the talent of: Miles Bonny, Stik Figa, Godemis, Ubiquitous, Smoov Confusion, Reggie B, Brother Of Moses, D/Will, and SG)

various - kansas city 4-way split (2012) (Texas Instruments, baitfish, Battle Royale, regret, the informer)

various - kansas city hardcore, vol. 1 7" (1996) (Sex Offenders, Breakups, Cretin 66, Switch Stance)

various - kansas city misery (1995) (Otis 13, Season to Risk, Giant's Chair, Pamper The Madman, Molly McGuire, Tenderloin, Black Calvin, Grither, Secular Theme, Boys Life, Germbox, First Year Thief, Gasoline, Shiner, Sin City Disciples, Outhouse, Quitters Club, Cher U.K., Rocco, Go kart, Shallow, Trust Obey)

various - kc diy: you can't ignore this 12" (2005) (Anxiety Attack, ALERT! ALERT!, Creepy Aliens, Crap Corps, The Blackouts, The Skate-O Masochists, when good robots go bad, The Hamburglars, Dick Cheney's Dick, The Hospital)

various - kc reggae uprising family, vol. 1 (2010) (Blue Riddim Band, 77 Jefferson, SeedLove, New Riddim, Liv Stat, jah kings, DJ Jabberock, DJ. S Ranx)

various - kill your tv- best of kc vol. 1 (2012) (calvary kevlar cavalry, Oobergeek, The ACB's, Chocolate Velvet, Deco Auto, ddean cassidy, Soft Lighting, Merriweather, Dolls On Fire, Molly Picture Club, Kitten Tits, Let's Talk, Vitae & The Pale Horse)

various - kill your tv- best of kc vol. 2 (2012) (William Peck, The Dirty Fingers, The Quivers, Man Bear, Elsa Rae, Der Todesking, Jameson Flood Fuller, Sports, The Black Bullet Promise, Is It Is, Lazy, daytime party)

various - kill your tv- best of kc vol. 3 (2012) (Greg Enemy, Dark Ages, Bloodbirds, Jed Baird, The Electric Lungs, Grenadina, Jorge Arana Trio, Scammers, Vanlade, Wurm & The Madness, Dracula Glasses, STEDDY P & DJ MAHF, The Devil, Slum Party, Wick & The Tricks, Generals, Explorer)

various - kjhk farm fresh sounds (2006) (Ad Astra Per Aspera, Davan, Ghosty, Paper Airplanes, Shhh, The Harvey Girls, White Flight, Ssion, REACH, Murderbot, The Spook Lights, The Billions, This Is My Condition, Boo and Boo Too, The Embarrassment)

various - kjhk farm fresh sounds (2007) (Thunderous Olympian, Coat Party, Boo and Boo Too, Rusty Scott, Mammoth Life, Blue(ish), Five Defy, Les Somniferes, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, dj spence, Transmittens, SOUNDquist, Stik Figa)

various - live from lawrence (1988) (Sin City Disciples, Ultraviolets, Rhythm Kings, random aztec, Common Ground, Lonesome Houndogs, Mudhead, Homestead Grays, No Difference, Todd Newman Band, Parlor Frogs, Bangtails, Drowning Incident, Moving Van Goghs)

various - loaded in lawrence 1993: live from the bottleneck (1993) ( live tracks from: Nic Cosmos, Salty Iguanas, Love Squad, Stick, Kill Creek, Psychoviolets, Mahoots, Lonesome Houndogs, Which Doctors?, Arkansas White Trash, L.A. Ramblers, Baghdad Jones, Lowlife, motherwell, Slackjaw, Dracomagnet)

various - loaded in lawrence 2002: live from the bottleneck (2002) (live tracks from: Be/Non, Fifth Ticket Fraud, Podstar, Full Feature, Salt The Earth, The Band That Saved The World, DJ Not a DJ, Filthy Jim, Ruskabank, Truth Cell, Jumbo's Killcrane, Brent Berry & The Roots Crew, Ghosty, Theta, Proudentall, The Last Of The V8s, Jesse Jackson 5, The Esoteric)

various - malicious intent presents: ultimus dies sepulcris arbitrii (2000) (The Esoteric, Origin, The Overture, The Truth, Full Power, Derailer, Punchline, Wormwood, Coalesce)

various - the manhattan project (1997) (Red Eldon, Back Porch Mary, Podstar, Sufferbus, Ruskabank, El Fontain, Porphyria, Jiffy Boy, Chick Scalletti, Woodshed)

various - midcoast takeover sxsw 2011 (2011) (Soft Reeds, Making Movies, Atlantic Fadeout, Sons of Great Dane, Black Cheerleader, The Beautiful Bodies, Roman Numerals, Steddy P. & DJ Mahf, The Appleseed Cast, John Velghe & His Prodigal Sons, Cowboy Indian Bear, Expassionates, Capybara, Vertigone & Trystyl, Les Izmore, Maps For Travelers, Hipshot Killer, Manchild, Waiting for Signal, Everyday/Everynight, Appropriate Grammar, Lazy, Auternus, Mansion, Walking Oceans)

various - midcoast takeover sxsw 2012 (2012) (Maps For Travelers, Antennas Up, the empty spaces, Hearts of Darkness, The Beautiful Bodies, The Life and Times, The Swayback, les izmore with hermon mehari & diverse trio, White Girl, El Ten Eleven, Appropriate Grammar, O Giant Man, Sons of Great Dane, Future Kings, Everyday/Everynight, American Catastrophe, The Atlantic, Amy Farrand, Run Little Rabbit, She's a Keeper, David George & A Crooked Mile, The Vi Tran Band, Oriole Post, Quiet Corral, Cherokee Rock Rifle, We Are Voices, The Dead Girls, The Figgs, The Blackbird Revue, Cadillac Flambe)

various - middleground hip-hop compilation (Image, Archaic Academy (ft. Approach), Str8jakkett (ft. worldwidekilla), T-Scar (ft. Okwerdz), James Christos, Ubiquitous (with Godemis, Macromantics, Clever and Lucid), Swell, Titanium Frame, Macromantics, CRYPTIK, Tommy Lift, REACH (ft. dj ataxic), Negro Sco, SoundsGood, Ducoh, Les Izmore, Godemis (with Ubiquitous, Amen and Vertigone), DJ Madhatter)

various - midwasteland takeover sxsw 2010 (2010) (Steddy P., Roman Numerals, Sons of Great Dane, Tiny Horse, The Cherry Tree Parade, Olympic Size, The Grisly Hand, Expassionates, Capybara, Mother Culture, Thieves, thee water moccasins, Soft Reeds, The Noise FM, Hotdog Skeletons, Margo May, Cowboy Indian Bear, Appropriate Grammar, Bent Left, The Brannock Device, Restless Breed, James Christos, Perhapsy, Motorboater, Max Justus, David Seume)

various - midwestern audio (2012) (Antennas Up, Everyday/Everynight, Molly Picture Club, Soft Reeds, Grand Marquis, Hearts of Darkness, REACH, Be/Non, Monta At Odds, The Latenight Callers, Diverse, Mr. Marco's V7, The Conquerors, Cowboy Indian Bear, Quiet Corral, She's a Keeper, Eyelit, Howard Iceberg and The Titanics, The Blackbird Revue, Appropriate Grammar, thee water moccasins, The ACB's, the empty spaces, Schwervon!, The Brannock Device, The Beautiful Bodies, The Dead Girls, Deco Auto, The Quivers, The Grisly Hand, Dollar Fox, Cadillac Flambe, The Atlantic, Hammerlord, Expo '70, Umberto, Akkilles, La Guerre, Gemini Revolution, Hidden Pictures, Tiny Horse, Apples For Archers, Minden)

various - mods vs. rockers: a kansas city showdown (three songs each: Shotgun Idols, The Ramalamas, Seaside Riot, The Lust-R-Tones)

various - the more the merrier christmas (2009) (Andrew Connor, Nathan Phillips, Sam Billen, Joshu, Half-Handed Cloud, Andy Smith with Brian Lee And His Orchestra, Taylor Hollenbeck)

various - mortal micronotz tribute (Mopar Funeral, Truck Stop Love, Shower Trick, Five-0, Beef Eaters, William Burroughs with The Eudoras, Means to an End, Sufferbus, Kill Creek, Stick, Slackjaw, The Bubble Boys, James Grauerholz)

various - the outhouse: 4 miles east of mass on 15th (2012) (MICRONOTZ, Near Death Experience, Brompton's Cocktail, Big Toe, Nosferatu, Drowning Incident, Klusterfux, Octoclod, Troubled Youth, Shup Bish, Merely Twisted, The Kelly Girls, 2 Car Family, Ultraman, Second Chance, Piston Grind, Chicks With Dicks, Sin City Disciples, Joe Worker, Kill Whitey, Germbox, Snakeknife, Slackjaw, Cocknoose, Cretin 66, Wayback Machine, Season to Risk, Mopar Funeral, Black Label, Sex Offenders, Breakups)

various - pitch music showcase 2005 sampler (2005) (Flee The Seen, Architects, Shots Fired, The Esoteric, The Stella Link, Roman Numerals, Namelessnumberheadman, Ces Cru, onemilliontinytinyjesuses, Sons Of Brasil, Abileen, Forrest Whitlow, In The Pines, Jerry Dowell, Buffalo Saints)

various - radio rage (2001) (Ruskabank, Ultimate Fakebook, Pomeroy, Effigy, Ophil, Egomaniacs, Mr. Plow, Kindir, Phat Albert, Sense of Self, 8 Degrees, Podstar, Brothers From Different Mothers, Sharkey's Little Groove Box, Flybox, Money Penny, Time Has Come, Elemental, JB Spitfire, Bro, Special Disaster Team)

various - record machine spring sampler (2010) (Cowboy Indian Bear, State Bird, Sam Billen, Motorboater, It's True, Max Justus, Saharan Gazelle Boy, Capybara)

various - secret handshakes (2012) (Soft Reeds, Max Justus, La Guerre, Spirit Is The Spirit, Ad Astra Arkestra, Akkilles, Everyday/Everynight, The Caves, Millions of Boys, Fullbloods, the empty spaces, Baby Teardrops)

various - soundtrack for the moments (2001) (Danny Pound, Mates of State, Arthur Dodge & Laurel Welsh, Panel Donor, The Ugly Boyfriend, Everest, Redbones, Shawnee, Tijuana Crime Scene, Chebella!, The Appleseed Cast, T.K. Webb, Teriyakis)

various - spidermums tour comp (Oregon As A Shape, The Armory, Witch and hare, bodisartha, .E, Boo and Boo Too, Elusive Parallelograms, The Shanks, His Mishief, Moonwatcherrr, Spidermums, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk)

various - staff presents: songs from the office holiday party (2006) (Poirot, Shhh, Of The Flame-Hand Robot, Margo May)

various - starfleet academy: the lost tracks mixtape (2010) (kutty slitz, Louiz Rip, Bluez Brothaz, Approach, Steddy P, REACH, Ces Cru, MC Till, Loscauz, Royce Diamond, Deucifer)

various - starfleet academy: the mixtape (2010) (Info Gates, Deucifer, Bluez Brothaz, Ces Cru, 2stix, Steddy P, Approach, REACH, Milkdrop, Parable MC, Joe Good, Louiz Rip, Jason Dean, Les Izmore, Vertigone, Smoov Confusion, Sephiroth, kutty slitz, Peter Griffin, I.D., nici watts, Bucc$, PL, S.H.A.D.O.W.)

various - stay tuned 1: a benefit for midwest music foundation 05-08-09 (2009) (Mr. Marco's V7, The Afterparty, Hipshot Killer, thee water moccasins, American Catastrophe)

various - streetpunk '99 (1999) (Tanka Ray, Kelly's Heroes, Ultraman, Rat Bastards, NOTA, Fatskins, Lower Class Brats, Patriot, Kosher, Brass Tacks, Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, The Cuffs, Disorderly Conduct, Beerzone, Main Street Saints, Wretched Ones)

various - stink cat records winter sampler (2013) (Weak Teeth, Tenants, The Funeral and the twilight, The Joint Chiefs of Math, Bummer, Lastletters., regret, the informer, Shahman, Districts, SRVVLST, Texas Instruments, Treehouse)

various - take a stand: a compilation of local artists (Nuclear Family, Danger Bob, Let's Rodeo, Grither, Arthur Dodge, Kill Creek, Means to an End, Oh Honey, Ricky Dean Sinatra, The Glitter Kicks, Action Man, TV Fifty, Stick, Ultimate Fakebook, Go kart, The What Gives, Contortion Horse, Outhouse)

various - troost diy compilation (2011) (Nature Boys, White Slave, All Blood, Sports, Maskull, Sneaky Creeps, Jib Jab Jones and the Indigo Circus, Dark Ages, Sucked Dry, Canyons, regret, the informer, Attention Seeker, Drought Years, Meat Mist, baitfish, Texas Instruments, Fag Cop, Bradley Tiedeman, Harsh Reality, Grizzly J Berry, Robert Plant's Dingleberry, No Master, Boreas, Amid The Entombing Trees)

various - underground artists, vol 1 (2011) (Strident Weasel, Baby Tears, Lite Loins, Der Todesking, the leotards, high diving ponies, strong smells, tired league, Meth Horse, misquito bandito)

various - yards & gods compilaton, vol. 1 (2008) (Ursus Arctos, The Make Outs, Nonreturner, In Dark Trees, Prize Wolf)

various - yards & gods compilaton, vol. 2 (2009) (Cpt. Captain, The Make Outs, Burger Kingdom, Nonreturner, Jon Sheffield & In Dark Trees, Prize Wolf, Ptarmigan, Flight, Ursus Arctos)

various - yards & gods compilation volume 3 (2010) (Ryan Pale, Rae Fitzgerald, Conceal & Carry, Nonreturner, Claque, In Dark Trees, Ptarmigan, Sunbeams, Fliight, Anderson Huffman Cardwell, Arthurian Honey, Highway Robbery) (columbia)

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