My Hip Hop


17. Okt. 2011, 20:56

Whenever people ask me, “What’s your favorite type of music?”, I always hesitate to answer “Hip hop.” I love a lot of music, ranging from one genre to the other. I’m not really picky, I just enjoy music period. But hip hop was the first genre I fell in love with and the first that I discovered and got into by myself.

But in between the time since I first started listening to hip hop and today, it’s evolved. Club rap, pop rap, crunk, Soulja Boy…all those are what have been taken from hip hop and made popular. A lot of the times, the songs are simple, catchy and good to go out to the club for. Fantastic. But what about conscious hip hop? You know, something with an honest message that covers broader topics than a new dance or the rear end of a woman (however nice it may be).

In “Casa Bey,” Mos Def ends the song by continually repeating: “You can’t stop my go/ I’ve been born to be where I am/ Bright lights from a distant star/ Miracles, don’t stop.” It’s soulful, the song coming to a close as these delicate piano licks bid us goodbye. It’s also catchy and simple, yet I feel much better listening to this than a repetition of “shake that laffy taffy!”

I’m not hesitant to answer hip hop is my favorite genre because of what people will think of me, I’m afraid of the condescending look I’ll give back that says, “Really? That’s all you think this music is?” Mos Def, The Roots, OutKast, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest…thank you for doing what you do and for showing the smart side of this genre.

Mos DefThe EcstaticCasa Bey


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