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Cymbals Eat GuitarsXR 25. Sep., 16:20
Michael JacksonBillie Jean - Single Version 27. Aug., 1:27
BushComedown 27. Aug., 1:16
BushLittle Things 27. Aug., 1:11
BowerbirdsTuck the Darkness In 23. Aug., 23:13
WoodsBe Still 23. Aug., 23:07
Akron/FamilyLove, Love, Love (everyone) 13. Aug., 1:17
Akron/FamilyDon't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead 13. Aug., 1:02
Tony MolinaWalk Away 6. Aug., 15:09
Tony MolinaWalk Away 6. Aug., 15:09
Tony MolinaW.B.P. 6. Aug., 15:08
Tony MolinaThe Way Things Are 6. Aug., 15:07
Tony MolinaSpoke Too Soon 6. Aug., 15:06
Tony MolinaDon't Come Back 6. Aug., 15:04
Tony MolinaSee Me Through 6. Aug., 15:04
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Über mich

OMGz Hai! ~

+Fly planes (and boy, do I love me some good ol' aviation)
+Play guitar
+Write songs when I'm down
+Find animals cool
+Insanely <3 my two cats (Charlie and La La Lucy) and my dog (Nemo)
+Totally <3 acoustic/folk music
+Totally <3 sad songs in major keys
+Totally <3 Neutral Milk Hotel/Jeff Mangum/Elephant 6
+Totally <3 Sunset Rubdown/Spencer Krug
+Totally <3 Pavement/Stephen Malkmus
+Totally <3 the fall
+Totally <3 things that stick out in a system (Example: a random acorn out in the middle of nowhere, or a leaf all by itself in the middle of an airport ramp, or a rock that is oddly shaped yet comfortably fits within the palm of my hand)
+Totally <3 Asheville, North Carolina (have to move back one day)
+REALLY, really <3 girls
+...And I probably think you're cool ;-D

K bye!