100,000 Plays, and one helluva Musical journey.


29. Aug. 2007, 0:08

100,000 plays finally.

Top 10 summary:

#1 - The Spill Canvas - Complete domination with 22,798 plays. I can listen to these guys any time. Whether I'm in a great mood, or a shit mood, you can always find at least a few songs on a playlist. The night that I saw them live was one of the most amazing nights I have ever had. Something that you just don't forget. Top 3 songs include: Your Evil Soul - All Hail the Heartbreaker - Black Dresses.

#2 - Chevelle - 6,663 plays. I was a tad bit dissapointed by their newest CD, Vena Sera, but there's no way I could go awhile without the CD, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). The deep bass in some songs with the rhythmic drum beats gets me every time. Top 3 songs include: To Return - Panic Prone- Vitamin R (Leading Us Along).

#3 - Finch - 5,096 plays. Probably my 2nd favorite band, although it has less plays than Chevelle. What It Is To Burn is easily one of the best CD's I have ever listened to. Nearly every song from this CD is on my Phone. I often get into Finch moods for days on end where it's nothing but Nate and the boys jammin. Sadly, Finch departed ways before I ever got the chance to see them live. You can bet like hell though that when Cosmonaut gets around my area, I'll be there, front row. Interesting tidbit: My all-time favorite song by any artist/band is a Finch song. ENDER. Either version. The one where it sounds like they're rockin out in your basement, or the crazy one that extends out past 13 minutes. First and only song that I learned on a guitar. It was also my 100,000th play. Top 3 songs include: Ender - Without You Here - Awake.

#4 - Hawthorne Heights - 4,187 plays. I know I will receive tons of hate for having HH in my top 10 but who cares; it's my music selection, right? Well, to be honest, I haven't listened to these guys for months. I currently do not own a CD of theirs, nor do I have any music from them on my PC. How did they get so high on my playlist? I don't even know. I went on a streak where that's all I listened to for a few weeks. I don't think they belong in my top 5, but there still sticking up there for some reason. Even though I haven't listened to their stuff in awhile, they're still a solid band (many will disagree). Top 3 songs include: Life On Standby - Dissolve And Decay - Pens And Needles.

#5 - Deftones - 4,108 plays. My current band of choice for the past few months. I'm a late bloomer, and didn't really start listening to these guys until a bit before Saturday Night Wrists' release. I wish I had thought to check these guys out sooner, but you know how that goes. Amazing band, that's for damn sure. Chino has some of the greatest vocals in my opinion. Can't wait to see these guys live. Words do not describe how pissed I was when I was all set for a Deftones concert in D.C., but my ride bailed on me three days prior to the event. The album White Pony is in my top 5 for greatest records ever released. For the people who have it on vinyl, you are my heroes. Picking a favorite song from them is ridiculously hard. But as of right now, my Top 3 songs include: Riviere - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic) - Deathblow.

#6 - The Used - 2,712 plays. Another band that hasn't gotten much play-time recently. I still enjoy hearing a song from them at any time though. The Used was the band that really opened my eyes to different types of music. Before I heard these guys, all I really listened to was Rap. I have since grown to dislike the genre very much (Rap), and The Used was my starting point on new music. Not much to say about these guys, but I like 'em. Top 3 songs include: The Taste of Ink - On My Own - A Box Full of Sharp Objects.

#7 - Underoath - 2,648 plays. When I first heard this band, I completely hated them. I couldn't stand to listen to a song of their's for more than 10 seconds. I don't really know what changed my impression of them, but I'm glad it changed. Underoath has some songs that get my hyped up, while others are mellow and moody. Great selection to pick from. Define the Great Line is currently in my CD drive. Another tough 3 to pick from, but my Top 3 songs include: To Whom It May Concern - Casting Such a Thin Shadow - Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape. Basically, all slower songs. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White comes in a close 4th, though.

#8 - Staind - 2,503 plays. Aaron Lewis; my favorite vocalist of all time. I wish I could emulate his vocals badly. Great singer. Staind has been a favorite of mine for such a long time. Each CD that has been put out has at least one great song that I listen to frequently. Don't listen to them as much as I used to, but you will ocassionally see me scrobbling some good ol' Epiphany. Top 3 songs include: Epiphany - It's Been a While - Right Here.

#9 - Incubus - 2,103 plays. Another man with another great voice; Brandon Boyd. You really can't go wrong with the CD, Make Yourself. A lot of my favorite Incubus songs come from this record. Numerous people have been enjoying Light Grenades, but I think Make Yourself is a much better album. Top 3 songs include: Drive - Pardon Me - Echo.

#10 - A Perfect Circle - 2,084 plays. Maynard. Is. A. Genius. Enough said, really. There's no doubt how great he is. And yes, I do prefer APC to Tool. Tool is good too, but APC has a better sound in my opinion. Sadly, they have disbanded as well. But of course, you know there's many more side projects out there with Maynard on vocals. Top 3 songs include: 3 Libras - Judith (Renholder mix) - The Noose.

My top 10 from March 29th, 2006 to August 28th, 2007. I'm sure my top 10 for 200,000 plays will change pretty drastically. So many bands that I am just now hearing that could one day hold a spot in my top 10.

Bands that are relatively new to my Last.FM that could easily be there one day include some of the following:

The Album Leaf
Black Light Burns
Brand New
Dead Poetic
The Early November
I Would Set Myself on Fire for You
Moving Mountains
Paramore (Who is awfully close to cracking my top 20 as we speak)
Team Sleep (Guarentee they will be in top 10)
Telefon Tel Aviv
Ten Second Epic

Wheww, the end; for now. If you read all of this, you are awesome in my opinion. If u skipped through, that's neat too. But yea, leave me comments if u wanna suggest some bands, or if u like the same bands that I do.

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  • Jbrown7815

    God I love so much of the same music as you! I hope to catch up to you one day! Gratz!!

    29. Aug. 2007, 4:25
  • thespill

    Thanks man, I thought it was a cool achievement.

    29. Aug. 2007, 5:27
  • WakingSun

    Fucking Ace!

    31. Aug. 2007, 23:39
  • Jirumiku

    Nice fucking chart dude :D I just fell in love with The Spill Canvas, and alternative rock generally, used to be more into metall, but this is fucking class too : D I'm addicted to The Dutch Courage! ;OO

    2. Sep. 2007, 17:26
  • nickvb

    i have to question the legitimacy of this. if you take the average song as 4 minutes, you listen to 12.8 hours of music a day, every day. yeah right.

    6. Sep. 2007, 16:22
  • thespill

    Of course it's not [i]completely[/i] legit. I sometimes left my player on overnight. But on the other hand, I do listen to a shit load of music, no matter where I am, or what I'm doing. Thanks for the comment anyways.

    6. Sep. 2007, 20:40
  • nickvb


    7. Sep. 2007, 8:35
  • CovinS

    I concur with nick. I think people whose charts aren't accurate would be probably have fairly different charts. For example, if I left repeat on often enough, Third Eye Blind would probably be way, way higher on my charts, as they are my favorite band. But my charts are 99% accurate as far as what I've listened to. I wrote out 3eb before I joined last.fm. :P Anyway, at least you admit it. There are some people with 120k tracks in the last 6 months, No I didn't! WTF is your problem?! lol

    25. Sep. 2007, 23:48
  • thespill

    Yea, I don't like for it to be some sort of a game. It's just a goal that I achieved, sometimes 'cheating' in a game sense. There are a few variables that make it a bit more correct though. One major one = Me not scrobbling for a month and a half, because I couldn't get something working right, although I was playing music. Anyways, thanks for the comment.

    25. Sep. 2007, 23:51
  • theprosandcons_

    Your Evil Soul is amazing. [ahaha that sounded silly] my favourites have to be Valiant and Battles. but hell, they're all lovely. Great music taste :D

    5. Nov. 2007, 21:46
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