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Über mich

aka goonerfan
howdy if you know me from the internets!

I bloody love Arsenal...
I love films:
I love reading:
I love Music:

Cascades of shimmering ambience and delay loops that suffuse you, and transport you to a world of analgesic bliss
Sweeping, dreamy electro with lush layered synths
Pared back, heartfelt, honest folk songwriting
Ear-burstingly loud to gentle and soft, and all the way back again
Raw, polemic and intelligent punk
Long pieces of music with multiple movements
Simple repetitive piano refrains
Poetic and moving lyrics that draw on repeated themes across an album
Distorted and spasticated programmed beats that you cannot tap your foot to
Achingly beautiful, plangent strings
Gravelly, husky, whisky-soaked melancholic Blues
Atonality, horrible dischord, and glorious resolution
Strident, anthemic and original rock
Laid-back, groovy trip-hop
Male and Female vocal harmonies
Upbeat Indie pop using a great variety of instruments in resplendent polyphony
Fragile melodies emerging from walls of feedback and noise
Vocals in a foreign language, that come to have the sole purpose of an instrument
Virtually anything without drums
Soulful and meaningful reggae
Artistic vision unhindered by external sources
Pieces of music that build and build and build gradually to an otherwise unreachable zenith
Austere collations of samples, broken beats and otherwise unusable sounds

Music that is impossible to define, and unable to fit within the confines of one genre

I hate music for fashion's sake.

I'll do one of these, but it's a tad skewed, my iPod is unreliable at scrobbling what I play on there...

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