A change from good to ... good actually :D


14. Jun. 2007, 23:30

Just checked Lumsk's profile page, as I at the moment listen to Lumsk, and saw that Ormin Lange was on top this week. For a band with a fresh record this spring, that's highly unusual, having an "old" track as the most played. The highest song off the new album is #12 (!) Seems that the softer side of Lumsk isn't very attractive to old fans..
From the heavy folk metal album Åsmund Frægdegjevar, via the more progressive Troll, to their recently progressive rock release, Det Vilde Kor , the band goes through a massive genre change. At first listening through Åsmund Frægdegjevar, I found it so much better than Troll (I bought Troll first). Then I listened a bit more to Troll, and found that the albums were too different to compare, and got to the conclusion that these two albums were both great!
As Det Vilde Kor was released, I had no expectations after the quite weak single Om Hundrede Aar er alting glemt. If they went any softer than Troll, it wouldn't be any good. After buying the album (even if I considered not to) I realized that Lumsk is a band in constant change. From awesome Folk Metal, then just as awesome Folk Metal/Progressive Rock to pure Progressive Rock. All these genres fit their style, and all of these albums are to me equally good.
I think I'm quite alone about seeing it like that, and I have no idea why. Am I the only fan of Det Vilde Kor? :(


  • Belice

    No, you're not alone ;) I fell in love with Det Vilde Kor. I didn't know that Om Hundrede Aar is the singiel, but it was the first of songs I liked from this album. And I don't think it's weak :P Now I must get to know the older albums. I'm sure I will like them... BTW I see you like Tyr... The concert in Wroclaw (Poland) was gr8 ;)

    21. Jun. 2007, 19:48
  • fableofdream

    You're not. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the first album. I prefer Lumsk without any male vocals. I think it doesn't fit their music as female vocals do. It's still a nice album, but surely not one of my favourites. Then Troll... Well, I think it's an awesome album, I prefer the vocals(even though I'm not sure if I like the OMGS L00K GUUYYS I CAN SING OPERA kind of vocals on some songs xD) on it and the songs in general. Good stuff. Det Vilde Kor is my favourite album by these guys. It sounds more mature, Stine's vocals just sound better on more calm songs(Seems like she has a bigger vocal range.. She's singing with a lower tone of voice on Diset Kvæld, and she has such an angry voice on Svend Herlufsens Ord, Del III Jeg Har Det(I soo did not copy that from iTunes)). The violin parts are more present(right?) and are better(like on the first Svend Herlufsens Ord (I hope I got the title of the serie right, since I don't speak norwegian 8-)) :o OMG!11!!1 Love it xD.). Honestly, the violin is one of the reasons why I love Lumsk so much. It's not overused and each time they actually use it, I think it fits perfectly :). And I don't think Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt is weak :o! The way the song sounds is beautiful(I won't say the song is beautiful, because I have no clue of what it's saying >.>... I actually know some verses, but... Okay, you don't care). So in summary, I think Det Vilde Kor is a more mature album than the others and it fits more their sound. [/pointless comment]

    15. Jul. 2007, 1:02
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