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  • theidolins

    2 talented female songwriters and musicians. Common appreciation of great music, songwriting and the famous twist of fate brought this talented duo together..... It continues, feels, builds to an ocean of electric blue. Running its blessed fingers through fields of grass, metal strings, skin and ivory. Tapping on monoliths after the rain. A breeze that wakes up a mind state, that sometimes feels a little down with what life sometimes brings. A giver and creater of hope after hurt. Holding your lover tight and feeling their soul become you. Looking into the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. Feeling the butterflies crushed in your stomach when the beauty, attraction, lust, of music hits you. As the leaves of autumn fall upon the ground, the memories of summer sparkle like glitter in the air... If solitude surrounds... You are safe knowing the embers will keep you warm until the sun comes up. Life is Forever Changing

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Featured on BBC radio. 'Time to go'

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"Well crafted flowing melodic songs, a must for fans of Missy Higgins, Tracy Chapman, KT Tunstall, Kristin Hersh, Jose Gonzalez" 'Influx 2010'
(pronounced EYEDOLLINS) Karen Smalley-Turner and Claudine West met while playing acoustic music at an 'open mic night' in Nottingham,. Then life, death and fate, took its course.. The creation of acoustic, folk, pop Band. The Idolins. Karen the principle songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. Claudine a multi-instrumentalist. In 2010 Guitarist vocalist Nick Scott became the 3rd official member. The band produce and perform the songs in a relaxed environment, where ideas are explored and laughter is adored. That’s when the magic comes. The combination of raw talent, a great friendship, acoustic beauty in music, story telling and hypnotic energy, creative freedom, honesty, with an underground that echoes pop. Makes this emerging recorded act a vital vibration for your soul and makes a great live act worth watching. Common appreciation of great music, songwriting and that famous twist of fate brought this talented trio together.....