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ApocalypticaFaraway Vol. 2 13. Feb. 2013
ApocalypticaBetrayal/Forgiveness 13. Feb. 2013
ApocalypticaSomewhere Around Nothing 13. Feb. 2013
ApocalypticaEn Vie 13. Feb. 2013
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  • Al_73, Mon & as always, MON THE BIFFY!!! :)

    16. Sep. 2011 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hi Mon!!! :) OMG, has it really been three months since I shouted you??? O_O I guess I've been neglecting last a bit since I discovered the joys of Facebook! Yeah, I survived the riots, haha! That was completely crazy! They didn't last so long though! Wow, Robson & Jerome??? I sure wasn't expecting that!!! You're getting into Christian rock too??? I didn't expect that either!!! So how's tricks with you? Still studying the mortuary science? Got any gigs lined up anytime? After my DCFC & Lamb gigs, its all gone a bit quiet on the gig front here, but no worries, cause I just got back from the most awesome holiday in Brazil a few days ago - just amazing!!! Went to see Iguacu Falls on the Brazil/Argentina border - it was spectacular - the most jaw-droppingly amazing natural wonder I've EVER seen!!! :D Now, sadly, I'm back home & back at work, so things are back to the usual routine! I promise I'll try & stop by here more often! Hope all's cool with you & great to hear from you! :) Take...

    16. Sep. 2011 Antworten
  • Al_73

    ...up - Lamb (really cool acoustic/electronica) & the mighty DCFC!!! I can't wait - woo-hoo! :D Oh & the new DCFC album is just spectacular - seriously worth digging out - I'm loving it! Oh & there's been a bit of a shake-up on the megablurb front lately. I was falling WAY behind on my weekly blurbs so I decided to write monthly ones instead, but I even fell behind with them, haha! So as a little stop-gap, I decided to unleash my inner nerd & post up the Top 20 artists on my iPod & throw out some random stats, haha! All's good indeed this end - hope everything is cool with you too! :) I really WILL try & get back to regular shouting!!! Thanks as always for all your shouts...its always cool to hear from you & how you're doing! I :) 've not been on last as often as usual lately, but I'm properly BACK now! So take care, as always, Mon, great to see you've got internet again, TTFN &, of course, MON THE BIFFY!!! :)

    9. Jun. 2011 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hey Mon!!! Real long time no shout from me....sorry!!! Ooooh, first thing I see is that you have recently played tracks.... could that possibly mean you FINALLY have internet again??? Yay!!! :D Man, I bet those withdrawal symptons were awful! Hey yeah, I saw Elbow a while ago & it was just as spectacular as I'd hoped! :D Rather than me rambling on & on here...check out my journal on the gig if you get a chance - I'd love to know what you think! :) Hey & its great to see your good self in your avatar - cool photo! :) I decided to make myself more visible too recently, t=rather than hiding behind meerkats all the time, haha! :P How's things going with the career? Wow, Mortuary Science!!! I didn't see that one coming, haha! Yeah, that will never become obscelete! OMG, I am soooooooo chuffed that you saw Biffy!!! :D I bet it was spectacular!!! Can you believe I STILL haven't heard the Only Revolutions songs live??? I should be ashamed, haha! But I do have a couple of mighty gigs coming...

    9. Jun. 2011 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hi Mon! :) Wow, was it really Christmas when I last shouted you??? O_O I'm sorry for not shouting for so long! I haven't been on here as much as usual lately but that's still a rubbish excuse, haha! :P I've had a great holiday recently - partly in the Netherlands & partly in the UK & my newest avatar was taken on that holiday - so you can finally see the guy who's been hiding behind meerkats all this time, haha! :P Looks like I camer back just in time to wish you an awesome Rishloo gig tomorrow - hope you have a great time! :D I had an amazing gig of Cold War Kids last month & next week I'm seeing Elbow again at their biggest ever UK gig - I seriously can't wait! :D The new album is also just awesome - well worth checking! How's things with you? Still no internet??? How have you coped for so long?? Hope you're well, Mon & that all is cool with you! Once again, enjoy the gig, happy listening & Mon The Biffy!!! :D TTFN! :)

    22. Mär. 2011 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Merry Christmas, Mon!!! :D I hope you have a lovely time & hope you get an internet connection for Christmas, haha!! I posted an albums of the year journal - hope you like! Hope you're well, have a lovely festive & Biffy time & proper reply ASAP!! Mon the Biffy & TTFN! :)

    22. Dez. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Ooooooh, awesome news, Mon!!! :D You've got to go, of course!!! :) I saw The New Pornographers tonight - as stunning as ever!!! :D Proper shout to come, asap - but I have a few cruddy early shifts to do first!! All the best to you, my AZ buddy, hope you're well & Mon the Biffy indeed!!! :D

    10. Dez. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Howdy Mon! :) Great to hear from you! :) Ah, alas, I'm not coming to the States any time soon, but the closest I'm getting at the moment is my newest & shiniest megablurb - its a musical road trip around the USA, visiting 10 different states - hope you like! :) Aw, sorry that you still haven't got the net - I feel your pain, after all my issues!! Hope its sorted soon! :) Oh & good to hear that the job thing is a little better now - part time is better than nothing, huh? & good luck with the second job! I don't think we have them in the UK - never heard of them! Also great that you saw Rishloo recently - awesome! :) Aw, how cool that they rocked just as hard to 30 peeps as they would for a big crowd - the sign of a truly great band! All good at my end! :) We're also having a real cold spell here with loads of snow & sub-zero temperatures even in the daytime!!! Nearly time to make my Top 10 albums of the year list! Aw, always great to hear from you too! :) Take care & Mon the Biffy!!! :)

    5. Dez. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hey Mon! :) Wow, humble apologies for the lack of shouting from my end lately! I've been meaning to shout for ages! My bad, haha! But I'm finally getting round to it! Great to hear that you're all settled in Arizona now! :) Any luck with getting the internet sorted yet? From the look of the dates of your recent scrobbles, I'm guessing not, haha! Aw, I hope you get it sorted out soon!! :) Is the job in the doggy daycare industry sorted? I've recently discovered the joys of Skype, so my usual shouting is suffering as a result! I've still managed to do the megablurbs though! Hope you've been able to keep tabs on them! :) Oh & as its Halloween today, I'm dedicating almost my entire night's scrobbling to this creepy time of year! Had a lovely gig of Delays, one of my fave bands ever, recently! :D I will shout more, ASAP, I promise, but just wanted to leave you a little something so you know I haven't forgotten about you, haha! Take care Mon & hope to hear from you sometime! TTFN! :)

    31. Okt. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    ...about when you went to Brazil - you were chasing after someone, weren't you? ;) Anyway - had a wonderful holiday!! :D Have you got a new job sorted out there now too? Best of luck with everything & look forward to hearing from you, Mon!! :) Take care & happy listening & TTFN!! :)

    11. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Howdy, Mon!! :) Congrats on the successful move to Arizona!! :) Hope all goes well for you there! :) Hope you can get the net sorted at your new place soon too! You know all about my woes of not having the net for about six months - it was a nightmare!! >_< My holiday was just the most amazing ever!! :D Spent some time in Sao Paulo & had a few days in Rio too & it was just spectacular!! :D Did all the touristy things - we went up Sugarloaf Mountain in a cablecar, saw the statue od Christ that stands over the city - you get to it via a little train that goes up a really steep slope! Oh & also walked along the beautiful Copacabana Beach every day - it really is the most beautiful beach ever!! :D Also, back in Sao Paulo, we went to a gig of The Swell Season - a lovely gig. They're quite folky & mostly mellow :) The venue was very classy - pretty big with everyone sat at tables & they had a waiter service so you didn''t have to queue at the bar - awesome!! Oh yeah, I think you told me...

    11. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    ... & that he really likes them - yay! :D I've been up to my neck in new music lately & I really will try & send you some recs when I get a chance! :) I hope all is well with you, Mon & if I don't get a chance to shout you again before I leave, I once again wish all the best with the job hunt/moving/neck pain! :) I had to have a few jabs before my holiday - eek!! Actually, I'm fine with needles & injections but my sister is the worst, just telling her about the jabs I had to have made her feel queasy, haha!! Take care, happy listening to you & looking forward to hearing from you! :) TTFN & MON THE BIFFY!! :D

    19. Aug. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hey Mon! :) Humble apologies for my ultra late reply & I just bet that this won't be anywhere near as mega as my usual shouts! Hey I didn't know about your neck pain - sorry to hear about that & sorry that it hasn't been able to be sorted out yet :( Hope it gets sorted soon! Hey, good luck with the move to Arizona - how's all that going? Oh & how did the job interviews go? Good luck with getting back into the doggy daycare business! :) The main reason I hadn't been shouting so regularly lately is cause I've been sorting out a holiday to see my friend in Brazil!! :D I leave this weekend & I soooooo can't wait!! :D Never been there before & I'm really looking forward to it! Aww, shame you haven't had much of a chance to listen to new music lately :( Not surprising with everything that's going on at your end!! O_O Hey, I've been spreading the Biffy love at work & have been getting a few workmates to check them out & one of them told me that he got Puzzle & Only Revolutions recently...

    19. Aug. 2010 Antworten
  • knownunknown

    I did get it (the day after I went ahead and bought it in stores, of course), but have only just now gotten a chance to give it a spin. I have to say, it's the album I wanted No World for Tomorrow to be. There's still a lot of production on it, but the sound is much less, what'd you call it, "Arena Rock," which is nice. Crunchier guitar and heavier bass and Claudio's vocals are so much more varied and much less comedic in pitch than the earlier stuff.

    3. Aug. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Aw, great to hear from you, Mon & so nice to see my shoutbox with a megashout from you! :D Blimey, its no wonder you haven't been around much lately!! Thanks for all your news & I promise I'll do my very best to send you the megashout that you richly deserve ASAP!! I'm crashing out soon. Still steaming hot here, but I guess I can't complain - at least we're getting a proper summer here for once!! :P Take care, Mon & TTFN!! :D

    20. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hey Mon! :) Loooong time no shout from me - sorry!! Haven't heard from you in a while - I hope all is ok with my CA buddy! :) I've been swept up in new music recently - new albums from TNP, Delays, Band of Horses & The National among so many others - when so many of my fave bands have all released new albums this year, I sure ain't complaining, haha! :D I've been swept up in the excitement of the World Cup at the moment too, even though England are out! Its the one time I revert to being a typical guy & watch as much football as I can, haha!! :P Its stinking hot here too at the moment - its been around 30 degrees here for the last week or so - great if you don't have to work, but not so great if you do!! Hope your work is going well & that you're OK too :) I miss your megashouts!! Take care, Mon & hope to hear from you soon! Happy listening & TTFN! :)

    2. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    ...earlier tonight & it was just awesome!! :D A proper review will follow ASAP! Great to hear from you & looking forward to hearing from you as always :) Oh & are you keeping up with the megablurbs? :P The new one went on the air yesterday & its a bit of a TNP love-in, what with the new album & the gig & everything!! Take care, Miss Mon, happy listening & TTFN! :D P.S. - Biffy have just announced that they're playing Wembley Arena in the UK near the end of the year - one of the biggest venues in the UK - how amazing is that?? :D

    20. Mai. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Hey Mon :) Aaaah, great that you're liking The Unwinding Hours :) You should alkso check out Aereogramme - they were the band before TUH & they have the same singer & the songs are just as beautiful especially those from the album My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go :) Ah, so more tales from my working away trip - one time we were in the hotel bar afterwards & one guy amongst our lot was getting seriously pissed & a bit mouthy & there were managers in the same bar at the time! I left him drunk out of his mind around 11pm that evening & found out the next day that he'd fallen asleep in the bar, haha! While he was asleep, some peeps were throwing pistachio nut shells at him & someone put ice cubes in his lap (he was wearing blue jeans!) & when they melted & he woke up, it looked like he'd peed himself, hahaha!! >_< Peeps took photos of him & were showing them around work the next day! :P Oh & just have to say that I'm on the mother of all buzzes as I saw The New Pornographers...

    20. Mai. 2010 Antworten
  • Al_73

    Howdy! :) Aw, thanks! :) Glad you're back too - I always love to read your megashouts! :) Hey, sorry you missed that megablurb - maybe I can get it over to you another way? ;) The latest one is generally a lot heavier than usual & the new one that I'll write in a couple of days is gonna be much mellower! I'm crashing out pretty soon, but I promise a proper megashout from yours truly very soon! Take care, Mon, happy listening & TTFN! :)

    2. Mai. 2010 Antworten
  • knownunknown

    I'm pretty pissed. I pre-ordered it months ago and they're still having issues shipping it to me. I'm half contemplating just going out and buying it and re-selling it once (or should I say -if-) it finally shows up.

    27. Apr. 2010 Antworten
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