2011: Here a gig, there a gig...


26. Dez. 2011, 10:05

Favorite albums

1. Kaputt - Destroyer
2. Wit's End - Cass McCombs
3. Tarot Classics (EP) - Surfer Blood
4. Manual de montaña rusa - Airbag
5. Mountaintops - Mates of State
6. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
7. Slave Ambient - The War on Drugs
8. Humor Risk - Cass McCombs
9. No Color - The Dodos
10. Diotima - Krallice

Favorite tracks (warning: I like 'em sugary)

1. Desire Lines - Deerhunter (I know this came out last year, but it was sort of my personal anthem of 2011)
2. Miranda - Surfer Blood
3. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
4. Runaway - Imperial Teen
5. Iridescent - Linkin Park
6. People's Partay - Danielson
7. County Line - Cass McCombs
8. La playa del Cristo - Airbag
9. I'm Not Ready - Surfer Blood
10. Happiness - Jonathan Jeremiah

Favorite shows:

In 2011, a staggering number of international artists descended upon my part of the world. Where I used to attend one show a year and would count myself lucky, we now have as many as several a week to choose from, across genres and "markets". There are a handful of shows I went to that didn't make this list because, while fun enough, they just did not stand out in my memory.

1. Villagers at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore (simply transcendental)
2. Linkin Park at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Deerhunter at the Laneway Festival, Singapore (also transcendental)
4. Kings of Leon at the nib Stadium, Perth, Australia
5. Owl City at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
6. Suede at Live and Rockin', Jakarta, Indonesia
7. Blood Red Shoes at the Java Rockin' Land Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
8. Linkin Park at F1 Rocks, Singapore
9. Band of Horses at the nib Stadium, Perth, Australia
10. Ben Folds at Nusa Indah Theater, Jakarta, Indonesia
11. Hurts at the Nylon Music Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
12. Ed Harcourt at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore (what a force of nature that man was. Wow.)
13. The National at the Metro City, Perth, Australia
14. The Drums at Blowfish, Jakarta, Indonesia
15. Deftones at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
16. Iron Maiden at Pantai Carnaval Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia
17. Bad Religion at the Big Wave Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
18. The Walkmen at the Metro City, Perth, Australia (I probably should say something about the blinding, visceral power of songs like In The New Year, or how this show has helped me properly "get" the Walkmen at last, but... Hamilton Leithauser's legs. Great googly moogly. I had a nice profile view of him from my spot up the balcony, and my eyes flat-out refused to let me watch the rest of the band.)
19. Sondre Lerche at Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
20. Mono at Nusa Indah Theater, Jakarta, Indonesia (alas, I was in exceptionally high spirits going into this show, so it didn't have quite the emotional impact on me that it was supposed to. Otherwise it would've placed higher.)


  • siellanobell

    so many show you had been ....... so envy

    21. Okt. 2012, 5:57
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