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Neutral Milk HotelTwo-Headed Boy 27. Nov. 2010
The CarsDrive 27. Nov. 2010
The Essex GreenThe Late Great Cassiopia 27. Nov. 2010
Billy BraggGreetings to the New Brunette 27. Nov. 2010
Steve EarleCopperhead Road 27. Nov. 2010
Rhett MillerQuestion 27. Nov. 2010
Sex Bob-OmbWe Are Sex Bob-Omb 27. Nov. 2010
The PretendersBack On The Chain Gang 27. Nov. 2010
Joe JacksonLook Sharp! Lieblingslied 27. Nov. 2010
WilcoWar on War Lieblingslied 27. Nov. 2010
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My name is Denver and I am the creator of the TALES OF A CHECKERED MAN webcomic. TOACM is a love letter to masked mystery men, caped-crusaders, classic adventure pulps and traditional newspaper strips featuring a rather unorthodox hero armed with the best of intentions and a case of acrophobia. TOACM made its debut on the internet in April of 2010 and updates with new comics twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Check it out at


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