Top 15 2010


4. Mär. 2010, 7:35

Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.


First Song: Seven Years
Fell in love with? Translating the Name
Current Favorite: I Can Tell

Rise Against
First Song: Dancing for Rain
Fell in love with? Life Less Frightening
Current Favorite: Dancing for Rain

First Song: Make Tonight
Fell in love with? Make Tonight
Current Favorite: Breathe Underwater

From Autumn To Ashes
First Song: Sugar Wolf
Fell in love with? Deth Kult Social Club
Current Favorite: All I Taste Today Is What's Her Name

Boys Night Out
First Song: Medicating
Fell in love with? The First Time It Shouldn't Taste Like Blood
Current Favorite: Recovering

Senses Fail
First Song: Tie Her Down
Fell in love with? Buried A Lie
Current Favorite: Bite To Break Skin

Every Time I Die
First Song: Floater
Fell in love with? Kill The Music
Current Favorite: Floater

First Song: What's My Age Again?
Fell in love with? Adam's Song
Current Favorite: Always

Bear vs. Shark
First Song: Ma Jolie
Fell in love with? Kylie
Current Favorite: Kylie

Armor For Sleep
First Song: Dream to Make Believe
Fell in love with? The Truth About Heaven
Current Favorite: Dream to Make Believe

First Song: No It Isn't
Fell in love with? No It Isn't
Current Favorite: When Your Heart Stops Beating

First Song: The Destruction of Everything
Fell in love with? Barricade The Doors
Current Favorite: The Art Of Staying Alive

Gatsby's American Dream
First Song: Theatre
Fell in love with? A Mind of Metal and Wheels
Current Favorite: A Mind of Metal and Wheels

Circa Survive
First Song: Holding Someone's Hair Back
Fell in love with? In Fear and Faith
Current Favorite: In the Morning and Amazing

Scary Kids Scaring Kids
First Song: The City Sleeps in Flames
Fell in love with? The Only Medicine
Current Favorite: Faith in the Knife


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