Best R.E.M. tour in ages


25. Aug. 2008, 17:15

Sun 24 Aug – R.E.M., Editors, Guillemots
Pretty Persuasion and 7 Chinese Brothers! And the rest was pretty great, too.


  • vegan_warrior

    Setlist (from remhq) Amazing concert 1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge 2. These Days 3. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? 4. Drive 5. Man-Sized Wreath 6. Fall On Me 7. Ignoreland 8. Walk Unafraid 9. Hollow Man 10. I’m Gonna DJ 11. Electrolite 12. Pretty Persuasion 13. The Great Beyond 14. So Fast, So Numb 15. 7 Chinese Bros. 16. The One I Love 17. I’ve Been High 18 Let Me In 19. Horse To Water 20. Bad Day 21. Orange Crush 22. Imitation Of Life 23. Supernatural Superserious 24. Losing My Religion 25. Mr. Richards 26. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 27. Man On The Moon

    26. Aug. 2008, 11:54
  • Unwashed

    Fantastic night, wasn't it? I haven't seen REM live for 20 years and they've lost nothing in that time, despite the fact I stopped buying their albums quite a few years ago. Great to hear those old tracks from Reckoning and Life's Rich Pageant, but the rest was pretty damn good too.

    30. Aug. 2008, 15:27
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