• oh hell we ride :D

    12. Okt. 2007, 14:53

    Sun 4 Feb – Lostprophets
    Amazzzing would of been better if it was seated but still music everything was top notch. Ian's stage presence comes up and grabs you right in the balls. hes amazing. Best song was probably Burn burn or last train home. If u get the chance go see them. Sound better live than they do on the album which is rare for most bands. Burn Burn
  • Over the past year...

    12. Okt. 2007, 14:50

    Oh mann japann ive been here for a year and ive seen four amazing bands that i would of never seen in Kuala lumpur which honestly sucks ass for live music. Lostprophets, Red hot chili peppers, Funeral for a friend and less than jake. I would pay so much to see all of them again. every single one of those bands were amaziiiiing. Specially lostprophets and funeral for a friend. RHCP would of been better if it wasnt seated. But hell i might be seeing velvet revolver next month. Cant wait!