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22. Mär. 2010, 5:27

Music Shuffle Survey
Put your music player, whatever it is, on random or shuffled play.
Answer these questions with the song you get when you hit the skip button!
Note: some songs will make sense, others won't. Don't Cheat!

Which song describes the mood you are in right now?: The Shins - New Slang
Which song describes the mood you are usually in?: Interpol - PDA
You are the only person who's completely certain there's nothing here to be into. That is all that you can do. You are a past sinner, the last winner and everything we've come to makes you, you. But you cannot safely say, while I will be away, that you will not consider sadly how you helped me to stray. You will not reach me. I am resenting a position that is past resentment, and now I can't consider. And now there is this distance.
Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?: Radiohead - I Can't
Which song describes something else you like to do?: Bright Eyes - The Awful Sweetness of Escaping Sweat
Which song explains the way you think about love?: The Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends
What would you sing to your soulmate right now?: The Knife - Neverland
Which song best represents you?: Wilco - Poor Places
Which song describes your sexual preference?: Peaches - Hot Rod
Which song describes what would occur between you and a prostitute?: Radiohead - The Bends
Your lover on the side?: Bright Eyes - Touch
Here, where the carpet's cool and soft, underneath the clock, I feel my weary heart is put to rest.
How about your wife or husband?: Goo Goo Dolls - Naked
Which song would be played at your wedding?: Lali Puna - nin-com-pop (Thomas Leboeg rmx)
Which song would be played at your wedding reception?: Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
Which song describes yourself in the future?: Ingrid Michaelson - Die Alone
Which song describes yourself in the past?: My Bloody Valentine - Come in Alone
Which song would be appropriate for a one night stand?: The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
Which song would best describe your first time kissing?: Page France - Windy
Which song would best describe your first time having sex?: Interpol - A Time to Be So Small
Which song would best describe your fashion sense?: Radiohead - Let Down
Which song would describe your taste in the opposite or same sex?: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
Which song best describes your parents?: The Sounds - Song With a Mission
Which song best describes your family in general?: Tilly and the Wall - Bessa
Since it's all I have, I wanna go to sleep, and dream of you and me just off the coast on a holiday so long and warm and lucky. Always wake up in my bedroom all alone.
Which song best describes your friends?: Orgy - Re-Creation
Which song best describes your school?: Panic! at the Disco - Camisado
This was no accident. This is a therapeutic chain of events.
Which song best describes your public personality?: Nobuo Uematsu - Judgement Day
Which song best describes your private personality?: Patrick Wolf - Apparition

How am i feeling today?: DIR EN GREY - JESSICA
Will I get far in life?: Tool - Part of Me
How do my friends see me?: The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful
I'm bored of cheap and cheerful. I want expensive sadness. Hospital bills, parole: open doors to madness. I want you to be crazy, 'cause you're stupid, baby, when you're sane.
Where will I get married?: Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence
What is my best friend's theme song?: The Cure - Fascination Street (Extended Mix)
What is the story of my life?: Neko Case - Duchess
What is/was high school like?: Bright Eyes - Patient Hope in New Snow
How can I get ahead in life?: Shaw Brothers Theme
What is the best thing about me?: Regina Spektor - The Calculation
How is today going to be?: Christina Stürmer - Astronaut
What is in store for this weekend?: Regina Spektor - Fidelity
What song describes my parents?: Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Reading in Bed
My grandparents?: The Cure - Strange Attraction
How is my life going?: Nobuo Uematsu - Infiltrating the ShinRa Tower
What song will they play at my funeral?: Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
How does the world see me?: Imogen Heap - Closing In
Will I have a happy life?: Glassjaw -
What do my friends really think of me?: Peaches - Give'er
Do people secretly lust after me?: Tool - Sweat
How can I make myself happy?: Hamasaki Ayumi - NEVER EVER
What should I do with my life?: Andrew Bird - The Naming of Things
Will I ever have children?: The Weakerthans - One Great City
What is some good advice for me?: Wilco - Pot Kettle Black
What is my signature dancing song?: Oasis - Hey Now!
What do I think my current theme song is?: Pretty Girls Make Graves - Parade
What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: The Satler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall
What type of men/women do you like?: Regina Spektor - Raindrops
How does my sex life look?: Ingrid Michaleson - Masochist
Would I make a good catch?: The Decemberists - The Gymnast, High Above the Ground
Will I have a good life in general?: The Cure - The Walk (Everything Mix)
Can (insert YOUR CRUSH's name here) ever really love me?: Lali Puna - Alienation
Can me and (insert YOUR CRUSH's name here) ever be more than friends?: Neutral Milk Hotel - Wishful Eyes
What's going to happen to me this week?: Rilo Kiley - Close Call
Where will I be a year from now?: The Mountain Goats - Up the Wolves
I'm gonna get myself in fighting trim, scope out every angle of unfair advantage. I'm gonna bribe the officials. I'm gonna kill all the judges. It's gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage.
What is my biggest wish?: Interpol - C'mere
What is the love of my life doing at this very moment?: Neutral Milk Hotel - Where You'll Find Me Now
How will I die?: Muse - A Crying Shame
What will happen after I die?: Christina Stürmer - Zieh' dir doch nen Anzug an

Movie Soundtrack
Opening Credits: Neko Case - The Next Time You Say Forever
I can't stay here to hold your hand. I've been away for so long, I've lost my taste for home, and that's a dirty, fallow feeling, to be the dangling ceiling from when the roof came crashing down. Peeling in the heat, vanish in the rain. The next time you say forever, I will punch you in your face. Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean I didn't mean it. You never know when I'll show you the never.
Waking Up: Kevin Nealon - Just Like The Superdome
First Day of School: The Shins - Mine's Not a High Horse
Falling In Love: Neko Case - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Losing Virginity: Tegan and Sara - Red Belt
Fight Song: The Sounds - Midnight Sun
Breaking Up: Alanis Morissette - That I Would Be Good
Prom: Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky
Life: Muse - Falling Away With You
Mental Breakdown: A Perfect Circle - Choke
Seeing the unheard, you know that it cannot heal. Breaking the bonds, you swear that you swear to feel. Can you awake from sleep? Downed, you allow me to steal, gagging on selfish hide when you crawl to kneel. And it's humbling, this pain you feel inside. And it's stuttering, these words that I must try.
Driving: Neko Case - Bowling Green
Flashback: DIR EN GREY - Cage
Getting Back Together: Ingrid Michaelson - Giving Up
Wedding: Tilly and the Wall - Bad Education
I think I faked it. Oh, did I fake it? Oh, boy, you look so good, oh, when you fake it. I think I made it. Oh, did I make it? You tried so hard, boy, you better make it. I think I'll take it. Oh, should I take it? Oh, pretty girl, I don't think you can take it. I think hate it. Oh, do I hate it? I taste it.
Birth of Child: Tilly and the Wall - Sad For A Day
Final Battle: Radiohead - A Punch Up at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No)
You had the pointless, snide remarks of hammer-headed sharks. The pot will call the kettle black: it's a drunken punch-up at a wedding.
Death Scene: End of Green - Left My Way
Funeral Song: Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Ending Credits: PJ Harvey - Good Fortune

Will it be okay?: Alanis Morissette - I'm A Bitch I'm A Lover
I'm a bitch, I'm a tease. I'm a goddess on my knees. When you hurt, when you suffer, I'm your angel undercover.
How are you feeling today?: Radiohead - High and Dry
How do your friends see you?: Hamasaki Ayumi - ourselves
Will you get married?: PJ Harvey - One Line
What is your best friend’s theme song?: Alanis Morissette - Bent for You
What is the story of your life?: Judas Priest - Revolution
What was high school like?: Goldfrapp - Crystalline Green
How can you get ahead in life?: Goldfrapp - Train
What is the best thing about your friends?: DIR EN GREY - 24 ko cylinder GRENADE LUNCH MIX
What is tonight going to be like?: The Killers - Read My Mind
What is in store for the remainder of this weekend?: Tegan and Sara - Welcome Home
What song describes you?: DIR EN GREY - Kodou
To describe your grandparents?: The Sounds - My Lover
How is your life going?: Page France - Love and Interruption
What song will they play at your funeral?: The Robins - Since I First Met You
How does the world see you?: Rilo Kiley - Asshole
Will you have a happy life?: The Cure - Disintegration
Dropping through sky, through the glass of the roof, through the roof of your mouth, through the mouth of your eye. Drain the eye of the needle. It's easier for me to get closer to heaven than to ever feel whole again. I never said I would stay to the end. I knew I would leave you with babies and everything, screaming like this in the hold of insanity.
What do your friends really think of you?: Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Do people secretly lust after you?: Sahara Hotnights - Visit to Vienna
How can I make myself happy?: Christina Stürmer - Bus durch London
What should you do with your life?: Tori Amos - Icicle
Will you ever have children?: Chevelle - The Clincher

What Song Explains Your...
Life... Beck - It's All in Your Mind
Friends... Spoon - I Summon You
Family... Bright Eyes - Amy in the White Coat
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush... Orgy - Fiction (Dreams In Digital)
Favorite Teacher... Park Ave. - Theme Song
Pet... Slow Club - Our Most Brilliant Friends
Enemy... Andrew Bird - Action/Adventure
Religion... Wilco - Theologians
Doctor... Alanis Morissette - Wake Up
Favorite TV Character... Nine Inch Nails - Mr Self Destruct
Personality... DIR EN GREY - children
Looks... Glassjaw - Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
The weather outside is... Metric - Parkdale
I feel like... Slow Club - Because We're Dead
I would really love to... Andrew Bird - Cataracts
No one can stop me from... Peaches - Rock The Shocker
Today I will... Bright Eyes - Cleanse Song
Love is like... Christina Stürmer - E.T.
I would call myself... Alanis Morissette - Hands Clean (Acoustic)
I've never been to... Interpol - NYC
If I were a... Peaches - Suck and Let Go
Never forget to... Rilo Kiley - Paint's Peeling
Last night, where the road had started, last night, when my hands were choking you. Last night, when the room and your mood was spinning. And last night, when the ropes were pulling you in, you said, "Hey, how can you love me this way?"
No one believes me when... Goo Goo Dolls - Eyes Wide Open
I would never... The Mountain Goats - Anti Music Song
I could see myself... Wilco - Sunken Treasure
I'm as fun as... Glassjaw - Pretty Lush
I wish... Bright Eyes - Pull My Hair
He will never understand why... Bright Eyes - Solid Jackson
I'm nearly... Ingrid Michaelson - Corner of Your Heart
I want to see... Matchbox Twenty - Push
At night time... Neutral Milk Hotel - The King Of Carrot Flowers (Part 1)
My fashion sense is... Tegan and Sara - Downtown
I cry when... A Place to Bury Strangers - Everything Always Goes Wrong
The most annoying thing is... Sia - Buttons
The moon is... Maria Mena - Just a Little Bit
I get tired when... A Perfect Circle - Lullaby
I lack... KT Tunstall - If Only
I'm so absorbing in... Animal Collective - Fireworks
I should be... Imogen Heap - Daylight Robbery
I can't seem to forget... Camera Obscura - Careless Love
Where in the world is... Rilo Kiley - Pictures of Success
They say California is a recipe for a black hole. I say I've got my best shoes on. I'm ready to go.
I don't want to hear... Dirty Projectors - Fluorescent Half Dome
Don't give up on... Nobuo Uematsu - Descendant of Shinobi
I should give up on... Tegan and Sara - The Cure
I want to be... Regina Spektor - Us
We wear our scarves just like a noose, but not because we want eternal sleep. And though our parts are slightly used, new ones are slave labor you can keep.
I like a lot of... Pedro the Lion - Never Leave A Job Half Done
The crisis posed the question just beneath the skin. Virtue in my veins' reply: quitters never win. She almost ruined everything. Oh, the joy a lie can be, quitters never know. Lies can be the perfect things if they never show.
I often think about... Tori Amos - Cloud On My Tongue
I don't understand why... Nobuo Uematsu - Trail Of Blood
Guys are... Tilly and the Wall - A Perfect Fit
Girls go to... Neko Case - Deep Red Bells
I'm in trouble for... Wilco - Pieholden Suite
Candy is for... Panic! at the Disco - There's A Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
Take me to... Beck - Side of the Road
All I've ever cared about was... Placebo - Special Needs
Just nineteen and selfish dreams. I guess I thought you had the flavor. Just nineteen and dream, it seems, with six months off for bad behavior.
Take me away from... Alanis Morissette - Forgiven (acoustic)
The worst possible thing is... The Who - Baba O'Reilly

Soundtrack for your life - Shuffle MP3s, advance, list, give thoughts:
Opening Credits: Muse - The Small Print
Waking Up: Tool - Swamp Song
Falling in Love: Bright Eyes - Seashell Tale
Fight Scene: Beck - Soul Suckin Jerk
Breaking Up: Nobuo Uematsu - A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep Sea
Getting Back Together: Dirty Projectors - No Intention
Secret Love: Bright Eyes - Make a Plan to Love Me
Life's Okay: The Sounds - Reggie
Mental Breakdown: Camera Obscura - Away With Murder
Driving Flashback: The Killers - Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll
Partying: Alice Nine - CROSS GAME
Happy Dance: Bright Eyes - Light Pollution
Regretting: Ani DiFranco - Tangled Up In Blue
Long Night Alone: Violent Femmes - Video Killed The Radio Star
Final Battle: Regina Spektor - Eet
Death Scene: Metric - Grow Up and Blow Away
If this is the life, why does it feel so good to die today? Blue to grey: grow up and blow away.
End Credits: Andrew Bird - Skin
Deleted Scenes!: Placebo - Running Up That Hill
You don't wanna hurt me. Let's see how deep the bullet lies, unaware that I'm tearing you asunder. There's a thunder in our hearts, baby.


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