• my experience with Keane

    12. Mär. 2009, 2:14

    standing on the line for six hours, listening to angry people screaming 'HEY, FAN-CLUB, FUCK YOU!', get in the Credicard Hall completely mad and running like a little child in a hide-and-seek game, feel the most intense heat, listen to Fresno singing 4 songs (or there was more? or less? whatever.) and besides that, have to listen to them singing a little cover from The Beatles, see like thousands of fulled baloons to the great entrance of the band, jump in every single song they played, get emotional watching Tom Chaplin talk Portuguese with the finnest way he could, watch Tom Chaplin at 2 metters from me, get my camera up high and see all the people with their cellphones and stuff like that to sing You Don't See Me, stay in a state of ecstasy when they get out of the stage and absolutely no one get out of the house until they come back to do the encore, and that's what they did.

    and in the end, go home extremely tired and extremely happy to know that I SAW KEANE AT SAO PAULO, 2009!

    Keane is life, forever ♥