Soundtrack of My Life


1. Jan. 2012, 0:57

Opening Credits: Alone Again Or

Waking Up: Who Needs Shelter

Falling in Love: Brandy Alexander / Islands In The Stream

Fight Scene: Seize the Day

Breaking Up: Turtle and the Flightless Bird / Someone Like You (of course)

Getting Back Together: your new name

Secret Love: Oh

Life's Okay: A Crowded Hour

Mental Breakdown: My Prisoner / Control Freak / Never Lonely Alone

Partying: One More Time

Happy Dance: Teenage Dream

Long Night Alone: Diner Girls / Cold Eye

Final Battle: The Final Countdown (no, I just couldn't resist -- IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! DA NA NA NA. DA NA NA NA NA.)

Death Scene: This Year

Ending Credits: Black Fur


  • coanta

    Hi there, i want to know if ''Islands in the Stream'' it's from ''Falling In Love''(1984) - soundtrack?

    8. Feb. 2012, 16:18
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