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Friendly FiresIt's Over Now 22. Jan. 2012
Passion PitFolds in Your Hands 22. Jan. 2012
Young the GiantMy Body 22. Jan. 2012
Empire of the SunHalf Mast 22. Jan. 2012
Bag RaidersShooting Stars 22. Jan. 2012
CultsYou Know What I Mean 22. Jan. 2012
GrouploveNaked Kids 22. Jan. 2012
Miike SnowAnimal 22. Jan. 2012
The Naked and FamousEyes 22. Jan. 2012
Strange TalkClimbing Walls 22. Jan. 2012
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Über mich

Music is nourishment for the soul, if you go too long without it your soul will wither away and you will become a cold lifeless mass of pudding and bone residue. So keep listening my friends, for one day this world will be gone and your life will have meant cheer yourself up with some music!