Breakaway - The Singles & More


27. Okt. 2007, 16:43

1. Breakaway
The lead single off the album was a hit around the world. Peaking at #6 in the US, it was not a bad choice, but others would of been better. Surprised UK didn't get this until a year later.

2. Since U Been Gone
Obviously the biggest hit from the album. #2 in the US! Great single choice. Probably would of been her second #1 if it was the lead.

3. Behind These Hazel Eyes
Another sub-stantial single off the album. It, like Breakaway, peaked at #6 in the US, however, BTHE gained more popularity. It became the fan favorite.

4. Because of You
WOW! One of the best tracks off the album was the second worst single off the album. But why? Because it was the fourth single. Too bad, it probably would of been the next #1 for her.

5. Gone
Why was this not a single? It charted in one of the many charts from the US (not the top 100) without promotion! Should of been released. Not Breakaway.

6. Addicted
Again, another perfect single. If this was the lead single, it would of done amazing like Since U Been Gone. But alas it was not a single at all. It's my favorite off the album, and it was what the tour was named after too!

7. Where Is Your Heart
Ehh. Glad it was not released. It would of flopped hard. Like Sober.

8. Walk Away
The final single and the second best off the album in my opinion. However, it was the last single, so it failed to chart in the top 10 in any country. It was another fan favorite as it topped many video charts.

9. You Found Me
Another good non-single choice. Would not of done well.

10. I Hate Myself for Losing You
Another great track that was unfortunately not released. Would of done rather well. I loved it.

11. Hear Me
This would of made a fantastic last single off the album. It would of lead fans up to what is going to be in the third album. Hear Me was an amazing track that should of been released.

12. Beautiful Disaster (Live)
LOL! This be a single? LOL!!!!!!! NEVER.

In the UK, I believe Miss Independent and Low were also on the album, but they were previous singles from Thankful.

So, to sumaraize, I would of released the singles like this.
1. Addicted
2. Since U Been Gone
3. Walk Away
4. Because of You
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes
6. Gone


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