Contest: Create a design and win a THREE months subscription!


17. Jan. 2012, 17:49

Hi everyone,
if I visit, it sometimes does not look not as warm and welcoming to me as I wish to. So, here's another contest:

The prize:
3 months free subscription for the winner.

The task:

Use your favourite graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or even mspain(t) to create a new, fresh design for

Create three template files:
  • One for creating a station
    • The user should be able to add items
    • and see which items he already added to the new station
    • There should be sliders for station options and a play button

  • One welcome page for new users (be creative!)
  • One with a sub-navigation

If you need the logo file, you can download it here (right click the link, then select "Save file as"). You can modify it as you like.

Submission: Please post your submission in the forum

Important things:
- Either the 960 grid system(templates at and jQuery UI for graphics components OR twitter bootstrap ( with a 940 px container will be used for the next design. You may choose one as you like to :)
- The menu bar should - preferably - be on top
- Make it look nice, friendly and clean
- The logo can be modified
- It should look Web-2.0-ish
- is open source and basically everything graphically which I did myself is - at least - licensed as Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike :) So some license that fits to that would be really nice ;)

The legal stuff: I choose who wins, with the help of other users. The Legal recourse is excluded. This contest is NOT by itself.


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